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  1. motox229

    swapping 450 to 250 linkage arm

    Yes it's the the same part number 07-08 kx450f pro circuit linkage is 10-16 kx250f pro circuit linkage It's 132.5mm for both bikes of those years
  2. motox229

    250 sxf

    There was a recall with the motor on the 2008 250sxf but i cant remember what it was, I just bought a 2008 from my uncle and he said he had to take both of them into the dealer for the recall and it was fixed at the dealer and honored by KTM
  3. motox229

    04 crf250 linkage help please....

    well i guess i put the horse before the carriage and should have done some research.... Never the less i should just by the bearings and relist the 08 linkage on ebay unless anyone can tell me that the 07 shock is superior to the 04? gonna have it revalved anyway......thanks everyone
  4. I bought a 2004 crf250 really cheap and it needs some work, it needed linkage bearings so I seen on ebay a full linkage setup with all the bearings and bolts and chain roller, it is brand new parts taken off a 08. I got all of it for the same price as what the bearings would have cost. I havent had time to try it on the bike yet but what i want to know is what years will the linkage cross reference? all help will be greatly appreciated !
  5. motox229

    06 and 05

    the 40mm carb is just too much for the lil thumper. The 37 is what everyone wants
  6. motox229

    Aftermarket Suspension

    MCR suspension out of metamora Mich. he was travis pastranas tuner for freestyle and also was a pro racer himself.
  7. For one main reason your chain wore sooner on your 450f than on your 250f is that there is much more power and torque on them than a 250f. and for anyone that orders a chain without sprokets? shame on you thats your bad, if your so much into maintenance you would have never odered just a chain . By the sounds of it you are the average joe on maintenance.
  8. motox229

    Most Dissappointing Product of 2006

    Just so eveyone knows I have experiance with different brands and models 93 Kx 250, 97 Kx 250, 2000 RM 125, 2002 yzf 250, 2004 YZ 250, 2006 RMZ 450and for me the biggest disappointment of the summer was after having 10hrs on my RMZ I had to let it go that thing was a pig through the bumps i never had a bike that handled that poorly, Transworld MX stated that the RMZ was a nightmare or a dream depending if you get it setup properly and i spent alot of time on the suspension and had suspensions shops mess with it and when we got it working 100 times better than stock it was still not very good . I was very disappointed i really wanted that bike to be the best .
  9. motox229

    Race fuel??!! or try a 285 kit

    Here's the setup your lookin for. Get your head milled and run 50/50 race fuel, vforce reeds, Pro Circuit pipe and shorty silencer and power now combo blades and jet your carb for your weather and elevation. have fun!
  10. motox229

    Ebc 280mm front brake kit

    No I don't believe the EBC is stainless and I did encounter one problem with it and it was that I had glazed over my pads and rotor from brake fluid gettting on them and I was told to use Meradic Acid on the rotor and it worked but than after that i had problems with it rusting but i juat painted the center of the rotor to stop rust and the outer portion was kept clean from riding and really never had a problem after that with rust . I highly recomend the EBC, good luck.
  11. motox229

    Ebc 280mm front brake kit

    I have to agree on the EBC 280 mm rotor I had one on my RM and then I bought a Braking Oversized Wave Rotor for my YZ and I personally think that the EBC was much better and had better feel for darn near $75.00 cheaper price, and with the EBC I was in the garage with just shorts and sandals on (It was a nice day out ) after I put it on I figured I should test it out around the yard and needless say I had a green grass stain on my forhead as i lifted it back on the stand. lol oh well !
  12. motox229

    RG3 vs Flexx bars

    I have a friend of mine that is a good intermediate rider that has severe arm pump problems and runs both RG3 4-way rubber mount and flexx bars and says there awesome and made a wold of difference. He even went the next step and had the arm pump surgerey and is 100% happy.
  13. motox229

    Powervalve collar? use?

    there is a lil hole right beside the bolt that holds your exhaust valve arm align the fork design up with the hole and insert the dowl pin to hold it still as you loosen and tighten the bolt i have also used a nail if you happen to lose it really not a big deal. good luck and enjoy!
  14. motox229

    How would you go about buying a bike in the crate?

    Here's the deal ! Most shops aren't allowed to sell you a bike in the crate unless you know them well or are a race team, for the simple fact that it is a liability to sell a bike in the crate to somone that is not a quilified technician and the dealers don't grease nothing the only grease on them are from the factory. Most bikes come 95% together the only thing that yamies need put on are the front wheel,front fender, foot pegs, raise the handle bars up and put the clutch and throttle on the bike and some dealers tell people that there is more to it to put them together thats how they try to stick you with a couple extra hundred on the price when it only takes a 1/2 hr to set and prep a bike. it's also nice to have the dealer set it up for the simple fact if there is a defect in the motor and they start it and it breaks on them you don't have the problem.
  15. motox229

    could soon be an rmz450 owner

    sorry to burst your bubbles but my personal opion is to stay with the honda. the RMZ has way better cornering for sure on a smooth track but if you are hauling the goods and have a corner that you can stand through with the power on that thing shimmies and shakes and is harsh and unpredictable the CRF has a way more stable platform to begin with. I can ride my buddies 05 CRF without the sag set faster and with more confidence than my 06 RMZ with the suspension setup for me. I am a Zook fan from way back and i wanted that bike to be the best ever but after only owning it for 6 months I had to let it go. Just my opinion take it for what it is . by the way I am 5'9" 175lbs agressive intermidiate rider .