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  1. thanks, again. Sorry, to make you repeat this info. What about the ball bearing addition?
  2. There are already holes in the boss, thanks. So if I put in the new parts do I remove a friction plate. Also I'm not sure if the guy i bought the bike from put in a heavy duty clutch. I can't tell if the friction plate are stock or not? Is there a way ti tell? The pads have 3mm of meat on them.
  3. the three steel rings. Are you talking about the parts that go first into the clutch boss before the first friction plate? I'm planning to try synthetic oil before any mods. Also did you drill by hand or with a press? thanks for the input
  4. The part numbers on the friction plates are the same for both years. The (clutch boss, spring) and the (seat, plate) would be additional parts. The funny thing is that my owners manual shows that I should have these two parts but when I took it apart they were NOT there? What are these additional plates going to change?
  5. Did you ever fix your clutch? I am having the same problem and debating the update.