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  1. feti

    Draining float bowl

    This should work great. Thanks.
  2. I'm ready to store my '06 yz450 for the winter and I'm curious what the best way is to drain the float bowl without making a mess everywhere, and short of ripping the carburator out.
  3. I'm looking for an airbox block, so when I wash my bike, I can remove my air filter and the air intake can be blocked. I seen one in a No Toil movie, but can't seem to find one online. I'm possibly calling it the wrong name, and need a proper name in order to find one. The one I saw in the No Toil movie was a rubber flap that basically covered the air intake hole from the airbox. This way I don't have to fear water is entering my engine when I wash.
  4. feti

    air filter?

    no toil here as well
  5. feti

    New Bike

    You have the standard break-in procedure stated in your manual. And then you have the Motoman break-in procedure located here: http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm As for changing oil, the manual shows you the three locations you need to worry about. Also as an FYI, make sure you unscrew the oil check plug prior to draining the oil, or it won't come out as well. Also, you may want to take off the water pump guard (the little plastic thing on the right side by the brake) if you're changing your oil filter. And as always, remove the glide plate, because it tends to catch leaking oil when you drain it, which isn't a good thing.
  6. I installed an Outlaw fuel screw. My question is, before adjusting it, should I adjust my idle screw on the side of the carburator? I've read a few fuel screw threads, but none mention this.
  7. feti

    Parts Unlimited wheel bearings

    Oh please. China makes the best Happy Meal toys ever. I see no problems!
  8. feti

    which exhaust for a yz450???

    Click the sellers name above and it brings a menu up. Click send private message. That may go to his email too, which is much easier to contact him. Good luck on your purchase.
  9. Yeah, I'm right outside of Warren.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but do I not need to remove the float bowl in order to get to the jets?
  11. Ok, I'm about 1100 feet above sea level. The bike is an '06 450F. I've tried everything with the stock pilot jet and cannot come to a compromise with it. Here's what I've done. I've turned it out to about 6 turns and the bike starts up great, sputters a bit with the throttle and deaccelleration. It won't idle. I can get it to idle when it's about 3 1/2 turns out, but it idles high. If I turn it out even another 1/4 or 1/2 it idles for about 5 seconds and shuts off. My main problem is this: when I have it idling with 3 1/2 turns out, it has a very poor response with 1/4th throttle (didn't get above that, testing in the back yard). I can barely pull the front end up. When I have it turned out about 6 turns, even though it won't idle, the response from 1/4th thru full is perfectly how I want it. So the question is should I go with a 45 pilot jet? Remember it's stock pilot jet, which is 42 (I believe). If I do need to rejet (I have purchased two pilots (45 and 48)), what's the easiest way to get to my carb? I took off my subframe today, because I tried the loosening of the carb clamps and turning in, so I could get to the float bowl, but it looks like what is the hot start cable is hitting the frame when I turn it. I can only turn it maybe 1/4th inch, which isn't anywhere enough to get to the carb. So, with the subframe off my intention was to get to the carb a bit easier by unattaching it and working on it while it's off the bike. Please somebody help me. Should I put the subframe back on and somehow get to the carb with it on?
  12. Are there a list of spots I need to avoid when pressure washing my '06 YZ450? I have an exhaust plug. I also realize I need to cover/plug the airbox holes on each side of the seat. But other than that, are there any parts that I must avoid? Possibly the carborator or anything that may leak if I was it? FYI: I probably will adjust the spray nozzle so it's not targetted, but more of a mist, with the hopes of not hitting a single spot with full pressure.
  13. feti

    whats those dials on the carb doo?

    The intention of my post here isn't to make fun of you, but to point out that you really should dig into the books a bit. The comment made directly above your post about the books is pretty on target. It saddens me that somebody capable of riding such a dirtbike can't spell 3rd grade words properly or use words in the proper context such as "they're" instead of "their." Once again I'm not trying to bash you, but people may be more inclined to help you if you presented yourself a bit better. Nobody's asking you to be a book worm, but for pete's sake make an effort when you type.
  14. Loosen up the bars and remove them. It's a 60 second job. Sounds like it's your only option anyways.
  15. feti

    Decibel levels

    I belive it's somewhere around the 105/106db mark.