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  1. hey, is anyone riding gorman tomorrow? if so, would anyone be kind enough to pick me up? lol i live in granada hills.. if your down pm me thanks guys
  2. damn wat luck. same thing happened to me. except my ankle broke. =[
  3. can someone explain to me how exactly the Baja 1000 works. i mnea i know its a thousand miles but i would like to know deeper into it. such as, do you camp for a couple hours considering its 1000 miles? how does it work? on the other hand. awesome job.!
  4. why are you guys so negative. ugly? probably just mad your bike doesn't look as good.
  5. I love how the elder people on TT bitch and rant about the shit we KIDS do, when they have probably done the same things in their past time. Hey, DK, next time you go ripping on the street, don't forget to rev the f**k out of your pinger right in front of the person's house. =D
  6. i think you guys have some a**hole neighbors. LOL. i ride my bike after washing it and stuff. or maybe even a little joy ride and none of my neighbors complain. you guys should move into a new neighborhood or something. LOL.
  7. my dad has a 250x and i have a yz 125. hes been riding since he was about 15 and he is now 46. LOL. he's a good rider and i still smoke him on the trails =P
  8. you probably weighted in to much at times. keep weight on the outside peg.
  9. Supercross

    or maybe, this thread is stupid and should stop.
  10. Supercross

    lets see you try and keep up with #4 and #7. ahaha
  11. couldt agree more. last time on powerline i fractured my ankle =[ due to a collision...
  12. VOSS wasnt! ahha. SMOKERS ALL THE WAY
  13. i know the threads called 250 2 stroke. but i couldnt resist. FIRST PIC OF MY YZ125. has graphics kit and 304.
  14. nice to hear you had a great session. im going down there on sunday and i hope its still pretty moist. but thanks for the heads up!
  15. im running castor right now. and its GREAT. smells GREAT too. ahah. castrol tts and silkolene are also some good stuff.