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  1. logging road rider

    Moving from AZ to WA?

    That's a matter of opinion. Go wherever the employment takes you. Our unemployment rate is still going up.
  2. logging road rider

    Whats the best Dual-Sport for Street Riding?

    Wanting high mpg and low insurance indicates you want to save money, but then you want to buy a brand new bike? Save a bunch of money and buy used. There's tons of XT225s out there for sale.
  3. logging road rider

    Sweet Cheeks Install Suggestions

    I ran a nylon strap around my seat and through the front loops of the sweetcheeks. Really simple, the strap has plastic clips on the ends so I can put on/take off quickly if I want to. Then I just zip-tied the rear loops to my rack. I used those foam garden pads and some pipe insulation to fill the sweetcheeks.
  4. logging road rider

    Bike not starting (at least not straight away)

    Mine just started doing the same thing recently. I have to hit the button a couple of times before anything happens, but it only happens on the first start up of the day. I'm going to be checking connections today starting at the battery. It seems similar to when a car battery has corrosion on the terminals. This issue only came about now that the weather is cold, which is also consisten with the corroded terminal issue on cars.
  5. logging road rider

    Best MPG on a DS here

    Been commuting a lot on my DRZ400s and got 53mpg on the two tanks I calculated. My commute has a mix of open backroads and in-town riding.
  6. logging road rider

    How hard did you work to get your DRZ?

    I had the cash to pay for my bike (used), but worked a bunch of overtime to justify the purchase and replenish the bank account. OT where I work = 16hr shifts.
  7. logging road rider

    meds to control back pain

    Look for a book by Dr. John Sarno. Most people would have some kind of disc problem, degenerative changes, arthritis, etc. if they had an MRI, but not all would have pain. It's hard to believe at first, but it's helped a lof of people. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6660313127569317147
  8. logging road rider

    the DRZ and 4 buck gas...

    I've started riding my DRZ to work. So far it's just been once a week as weather permits. I actually don't enjoy riding it to work. 25 miles of pavement each way and it's dark when I get off at 10pm. As long as the value of our dollar keeps going down, the price of oil will keep going up. With our national debt, I'm not so sure the government wants to slow inflation either. The debt won't seem so big as the dollar's value becomes less and less.
  9. logging road rider

    DS Insurance Advise

    After reading all this, it looks like I could do better. State Farm charges $13 a month for liability on my DRZ.
  10. logging road rider

    Getting razzed about riding a dirtbike on the road?

    The only guy who has said anything negetive to me rides a 1600cc cruiser that he barely got financed for. I pointed out that as long as the bank holds the title, he doesn't own a bike. He hasn't said anything else, but I'd be more than happy to race him with my stock DRZ.
  11. logging road rider

    Pics of ride today

    Very nice. It's rainy and windy here now. I don't do much traveling, but I'd like to visit that part of the country. Fall dualsporting around the Carolinas and up into the Appalachians must be beautiful.
  12. logging road rider

    Do You Have My Back Problem Too?

    I've had sneezes and caughs mess me up. In May I was just getting over the flu and couldn't stop caughing for about 10 minutes. That did it. Two months later and I'm still dealing with it.
  13. logging road rider

    Chiropractic visits

    I'm currently trying my third one and so far, he's the only one who has done any good. Previously, when my back would "go out", it would be a long downhill slide until I was stuck in bed for weeks, regardless of what any docs, therapists, or chiropractors did. I started getting bad again in May and saw drastic improvement after a week of treatment from this new guy. I only tried him after a chance meeting with a patient of his who got relief after 20+ years of pain that resulted from a car wreck. This chiropractor isn't so much into the whacking and cracking. He's big on diet and supplements, plus he uses a machine that is supposed to be a form of traction. I thought the machine was hokey at first but I can't argue with the results.
  14. logging road rider

    Puget Sound Crabbing?

    Crabbing around here has turned into a joke...unless you are a commercial crabber. As usual, the tribes and non-tribal commercials feast while the sporties get crumbs.
  15. logging road rider

    New rider looking for advice

    You can't get a DRZ E model licensed for street use in WA. Any bike you choose will have to be street legal from the factory, like a DRZ S model.