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  1. hoss2k4

    What do you think of the Pitster X4R?

    Hell yeah it is! I'm trying not to look at it with 'buy me' eyes.
  2. hoss2k4

    Pitster X2r wont stay running

    Wouldn't hurt to check the connections on your coil also. The connectors on mine were loose and arcing all over the place. Made a huge difference.
  3. hoss2k4

    X2 and X4 side by side

    Awww Crap! Now I gotta save for another bike!
  4. hoss2k4

    Footpegs for X2 ???

    Fastway pegs here... Love 'em and they add to the looks I think. They are damn expensive though.
  5. hoss2k4

    Knockoff Fight

    I agree... Go ride yer bikes already! P.S. while you guys fight, I'll be riding both honda and chinese...
  6. hoss2k4

    Magnetic drain plugs for pit bike

    Radio shack... rare earth neodymium miniature magnets very cheap. Or ebay.. There is an oil screen inside the engine case but you have to remove the clutch cover to get at it. May as well clean the centrifugal filter while you're at it. Counter sink a small hole in your oil drain bolt. Mix up some jb weld. Put a dab of jb weld on the bottom of the mini magnet and plop her into the hole you drilled into the oil drain bolt. Walla... instant magnetic oil drain bolt and damn strong magnet at that!
  7. hoss2k4

    Engine oil...

    Rotella 15w40 is what I run and I change it often. We-don't-need-no-dir-ty oil... all in all just another brick in the wall... LoL. If money wasn't an issue, I'd run amsoil all the way. Speaking of which... you guys should treat your centrifugal filter to a cleaning at least once a year if not more often. Get yourself a clutch cover engine gasket and have at it. You'll be surprised to find all the gunk you'll see in there and you'll be glad you got it out!
  8. hoss2k4

    Fastway wide footpegs

    Yeah, When I get the time I'll pop some for ya. Right now in the middle of a build though.
  9. hoss2k4

    Fastway wide footpegs

    Although I got a deal on the latest purchase I made locally (honda z50) and a bunch of parts, I hadn't realized how much of a deal it was until I looked these puppies up. http://www.adventurersworkshop.com/fastway_footpegs.htm Immediately these fastway wide pegs came out of the free parts box and went onto my x2r. Man they compliment the looks of the bike nicely and when sitting on the bike they sure feel like they'll provide way more balance when jumping.
  10. hoss2k4

    how this look for a start?

    Wow, that's alot of washers, I just looked at the photo also. I've seen the need for maybe 1steel or a couple of paper thin nylon washers on a worn swing arm/frame but 8 steel washers? Looks like the swingarm was pieced together with the frame. Interesting but I'd pass.
  11. hoss2k4

    Ordered My Bike.....

    Very addicting hobby... hard to settle for just one. Oh, hey ridered55... congrats on your order of the bike.
  12. hoss2k4

    Help choosing the right pit bike

    Ok Nate, btw thanks twitchy. Honestly, right now, I don't even want to hear about bad luck with my new x2r, this is giving me a headache. Actually, twitchymeister, lol, I ride my honda crf50 daily, I've already logged some decent hours on it without a problem. Far as I'm concerned it's a killer wheelie machine and is the easiest bike to ride them on. who would have thought a semi-auto could be so fun! Sorry for getting sidetracked, now back to the thread topic guys...
  13. hoss2k4

    Help choosing the right pit bike

    Out of the 8 bikes I own only one has problems. (Come on man, can't we leave this alone already???) -2001 drz400e -2000 drz400e -2k6 honda trx250ex -2k6 honda recon -2k5 pitster speed mini -pitster x2r <---------------- -92 honda z50 -2k4 honda crf50
  14. hoss2k4

    Help choosing the right pit bike

    Man Nate, I hope people dont take that the wrong way. Almost makes it look like I kicked the hell out of it or something and broke it. No I didn't fudge it up, it was that way from the factory. I'm not the kick happy type.