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    stiffer clutch springs

    You know, I've come to this conclusion: There are just too damn many kids playing around here to take this place serious anymore. From now on you kids can go ahead and insult and bash and kill each other. I'll just sit back and read the posts that are worthwhile and ignore the idiots that are causing trouble. It's about time we exercise the ignore user feature and I'll be the first to do so. If someone pisses you off or acts like a dumb ass moron, just put them on ignore. They've got alot of growing up to do and you're wasting your time even replying to them. If you don't get a reply from me from this day forth, it's because you made the idiot list. If all users will do this, the idiots will be talking to themselves. Now, Who's first? Good luck dealing with these kids Shawn...
  2. hoss2k4

    Pitster Over the Top Brake Lever

    NON-VENEMOUS BRAKE SNAKE Brake pedals and shift levers are tougher than ever, but ruts and evil-minded roots are still tougher. The time-honored brake snake—a simple, single strand of braided steel cable, strung from the brake pedal or shift lever to the frame, fastened by the little crimp-connect fasteners the ’snake comes with—will keep your foot controls in usable shape…unless you hit a train. (as told per dirtbike magazine)
  3. hoss2k4

    Pitster Pro X4 And X4r Details Here.

    Not even close, I can't stand that boom boom noise... Give me some godsmack, metallica, ac/dc, papa roach, ozzy, old rock and new metal.
  4. hoss2k4

    wich ssr pitbike

    I have pit bikes with both the 10-12 and 12-14 wheel sizes, straight swinger and a-type. I personally like the 10-12" wheel combination. Handling is not as good on trails as the 12-14 but with the a-type swing arm it makes for a very nice wheelie machine and is just a blast to goof around on. Trail riding, I'd go for the 12-14 with the straight swinger and focus more on jumping. Hope that helps you sort it out.
  5. hoss2k4

    chain guide

    Ok, so you're thinking about going air? http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=47869 harbor freight has alot of junk tools but they also have some good stuff if you know how to critique their stuff http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=93293 This should get you going: But beware, some of these bits are for low rpm tools as stated http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=47644
  6. hoss2k4

    chain guide

    Make sure you get a good dremel if you don't already have one. 35,00 rpm. There are better multi tools but they run on air, 50,000+ rpm. Get a collet set, cutting disc mandrel, etc. You will need these. The nice thing is, if the cutting board guide does ever wear, you can replace the worn section only. But hey, if it will stand up to the abuse of ginsu steak knives, it ought to last with a lubed chain. I'd like to see some parts other folks have been 'homebrewing'. Especially anything that can easily be turned on a lathe or ran through a mill. I've already done the swing arm slider, delrin chain tensioner with abec bearings, chain guide, upper tripple clamp delrin cable guides, frame mounted clutch cable guide. We need more posts like these. Lots more.
  7. hoss2k4

    wich ssr pitbike

    Jumping, tricking/wheelies, trail riding? What will you be primarily doing with it?
  8. hoss2k4

    chain guide

    Always glad to help. Keeps TT worthwhile.
  9. I had jetting problems that didn't follow the norm. The fix: Pull gas tank, swoosh out the plastic shavings, pull carb, completely disassemble it, remove any burrs with an exacto knife, set float level, blow out all passages, especially the choke circuit, etc., put nylon spacers under needle to raise the needle further than bottom clip position. Before putting carb back on, check intake plastic spacer and gasket, match gasket to intake if necessary. Bike runs like a charm now.
  10. hoss2k4

    thumpstar + or -

    You don't have to convince me, I have 2 pitsters and I'd say they are more indestructable that *^%$# but that would cause a war. My opinion, you can't go wrong with pitster.
  11. hoss2k4

    thumpstar + or -

    My wifes a psych major... I deal with reverse psychology every day.
  12. hoss2k4

    some updated pictures and exhaust

    I'm diggin the pics of the bike Kurt... looks like you're giving her a good spanking. Careful she doesn't give you one back.
  13. hoss2k4

    What are the "Must Have Upgrades"

    How does it run now? I had to rinse my gas tank out (plastic doodies) and take a couple of burrs out of the mikuni carb I have. Now I'm all good.
  14. hoss2k4

    chain guide

    Yeah, it was a walmart brand. Probably outlast any chain guide every made... lol It shows no wear so far other than the ginsu knives wacking up chicken dinners made on it. Hahahaha a knock off chain guide... walmart style. Strong and cheap.
  15. hoss2k4

    chain guide

    Ok dude, If you're really this interested, let me pull the sucker apart. Give me a few min... Ok, here we go... still taking pictures but Here's one for now. If I were to do this project over again, I would use a new cutting board. After completion, I would also sand/deburr any rough spots. But what can I say, this came out pretty good for free and goofing around. The durability of the cutting board material feels alot stronger than the chain guide I copied. I'm betting the cutting board knock off of a chain guide will likely outlast the original also. And another: In the next photo... if you look carefully you can see the scratches in the plastic from chopping chicken on the cutting board... The small round piece (spool) was made on the lathe but you can make that spacer out of a couple of small chunks of cutting board sandwiched together. http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q231/hoss2k4/machine%20shop%20work/IMG_6300.jpg?t=1168401624 http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q231/hoss2k4/machine%20shop%20work/IMG_6302.jpg?t=1168401723 http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q231/hoss2k4/machine%20shop%20work/IMG_6303.jpg?t=1168401764 http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q231/hoss2k4/machine%20shop%20work/IMG_6304.jpg?t=1168401790 And again on the bike: I hope this helps. It's really a simple project but it will take you a while to cut it all out with a dremel and cutoff discs.
  16. hoss2k4

    How about this knock-off...

    I thought you guys were just foolin around... I'd have to pass on that bike.
  17. hoss2k4

    SSR pit bikes

    Toss on an extended swing arm and I'd give it a go...
  18. hoss2k4

    SSR pit bikes

    Not stupid... ignorant comment. The bike is just too small, it's uncomfortable and would need too much thrown into it to be suitable for me. With that said, it would have been stupid to purchase it, so I didn't. Now, if I were a a midget or 6 years old, it would be a great first bike.
  19. hoss2k4

    Lifan lights 12volts AC?

    Yeah, can be frustrating... that sucks...
  20. hoss2k4

    chain guide

    Copied another bike of course... but there are plenty of pictures online that you can look at to come up with the plans. Just make a cardboard template first and go from there. Keep in mind there are 4 pieces to the chain guide. The front plate, the back plate and the 2 spacers. If you're willing to tinker with these bikes and purchase a dremel with cutoff wheels, sanding discs and a few collets, you'd be surprised how much fun you can have and cash you can save making your own parts. I own a 9x20 lathe and minimill so it's a bit easier for me to cut the stuff out/do production quality work, but like I said, a dremel with do it all. They even make a routing attachment for the dremel and a mini dremel lathe base, check ebay. I'm making delrin cable guides, chain tensioners, swing arm slides, chain guides, etc. I'll get more bits for my mill and probably do some fly cutting soon also. If you would like to try a 7x12 minilathe out you can buy one of these guys for $300 http://www.homier.com/detail.asp?SessionKey=Lsp1Gh705wMMFMqUIWB%2feR%2bDDVuR79TVHPd963RKHlZMvhQM6DvDsOtJYf0Vm1%2fdP8g%2fbkeP8R%2bM&dpt=&cat=&sku=03911 they are ALWAYS on back order because everyone wants one! Or here: http://www.taigtools.com/
  21. hoss2k4

    chain guide

    You any good with a dremel? You can make one out of a cutting board. I made this one with a few other tools than just a dremel but could have done it with a dremel alone, just would have taken a little more time. Besides, if you make it yourself, you'll be able to replace only the worn sections of it if and when it ever wears out. If you're interested in tackling a project like this, let me know and I'll tell you exactly what bits you will need. Very Very cheap to construct and extremely durable.
  22. hoss2k4

    Lifan lights 12volts AC?

    You ok dude?
  23. hoss2k4

    110 0r 125? that is the question

    You're purchase sure looks close to the sdg/pitster pro speed mini chassis. This may help give you a little peace of mind with wanting a pit bike for wheelies: I got my 2k5 pitster speed mini dialed in today and whoa nelly... she's a wheelie machine and a half. I'm over 200lbs and while changing gears from first to second I put all my weight on the front end and it still easily lofted it. When I ride my pitster x2r with the longer straight swing arm, it pulls wheelies as well but NOT NEARLY as easy as the one with the chassis like yours. For wheelie purposes, by all means you got the right chassis. I think you'll find the balance point way easier on that bike because it's a born wheelier (if thats a word). My wheelie machine below: http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q231/hoss2k4/2005%20pitster%20speed%20mini/IMG_5708.jpg?t=1168304247
  24. hoss2k4

    Lifan lights 12volts AC?

    Talk to Mike (the moderator of the egroup posted below) He should be able to help you with your problems with that particular bike. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ChinaBikes Good luck...
  25. hoss2k4

    Short pull clutch?

    Maybe research the hydraulic clutches...