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    How do you ride your Pitster (pitster only please)

    Well, I was bored so I decided what the hell and went over everything again. Well to make a long story short, the x2r bike is rideable now but has a horrible off idle bog. There were a few burrs in the carb I found on closer inspection with a flexable inspection light. Well, I carefully removed them with an exacto blade. After that, I thought I would do some fishing in the fuel tank and sure enough, there were a few chunks of plastic being little demons in there. Well between both problems, I figured this is nuts and so I figured I would check the gasket a little closer on the intake and yup, not matched for crap. I again used an exacto once more, this time to enlarge the hole very carefully in the gasket to match it up with the intake. What a difference! Now I am able to actually get the throttle open once I got passed the horrible off idle bog it still has. Anyhow, holy crap that sucker has some donkey balls. It promptly lofted the front wheel and slid the back end sideways and I damn near ended up in my neighbors yard Wooooo hoooo, you couldn't make me sell this bike. I'll continue working with oldschool and other guys and we'll conquer this bog and I'll be in heaven. * I want to give a special thanks to Xr Evo because he got me thinking I should check in that tank just one more time. * Thanks bro. Now to surf the tank for plastic doodies and burrs in the carb on the other bike.
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    Pitster Pro X4 And X4r Details Here.

    I feel the same way.
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    full review on the 07 ssr b2 pro model

    HOLY CRAP!! That thing is sweeeeet.
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    How do you ride your Pitster (pitster only please)

    Wonder if your problem could be because the rings were not staggered when placed on the piston??? Just a thought but I'm no expert.
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    Pitster Pro X4 And X4r Details Here.

    Thanks for the information Staggs. Need a better picture, do you have a link to more?
  6. I think the only way to have peace around here is for users to mutually pay eachother respect. Moderators included. With that said, I say we all put down our weapons (disrespect for eachothers bikes and comments). If you cannot compliment or say something postive to another user DON'T SAY IT PERIOD. The moderators should not have to enforce infractions because some of the users here will not behave. With that said, Happy New year and Please Keep It Civil.
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    New Moderator

    Gary, I don't think you are getting the whole story. I just hope the truth comes out sooner than later. The good guys here are starting to get harassed and I don't think that's what we need. Especially when they are only standing up for themselves. Especially when a team minime member is banned for standing up for himself. That there is an injustice. (He's riding a pitster backed bike). Lot's of TT sales going down the drain. You know who the 'good guys' are and I'd like to consider myself one of them. Hawk (Moderator of the new Pitster Pro Support Group, 30+ members strong and we have only just begun!) http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/pitsterpro
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    New Found respect

    Dude... Ride, Ride...
  9. I went to the local Honda dealer and they are selling the 2007 crf50 for $899 right now. I was not impressed. 3 gears, semi-auto trans, drum brakes. My pitster x2r cost twice that much and blows the Honda away in comparison. Is Honda's frame any better than the chromoly double tube Pitsters frame? I bet if you threw both bikes out of a pickup truck going down the highway at 100MPH, the pitster and the Honda would look the same. They would both have comparable damage. If I had the money, I'd destroy both bikes on purpose, taking notes the whole time on how much force was used to mangle them and post the results. Maybe Pitster needs to do just that, film both bikes being tore up and compare them. I know some chinese imports are junk, but come on now... We are talking 'Pitster' remember? Can you legitimately compare a stock crf50 with maybe a bar kit and better shock to an x2r????? I guess..., I'll find out in May 2007 when I get one. Thank's to all who posted. This thread was revised because the fighting is just out of control. Peace... (behave your damn selves).
  10. If we can't all get along, we shouldn't post. I am having the TT moderators remove my thread. Just tired of hearing the fighting.
  11. Not true, I owned a "hummer" 200cc zongshen dirt bike earlier this year and the damn thing ran better than our new honda recon! Shifted smoother and took the heat better too. A friend of the family loved the bike so much that they begged me to sell it to 'em. Stop spreading b.s. Do some homework.
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    Buying a Vinco 150cc motor

    Alright, it's this is getting out of control. Start removing members right about now. I'm finding it a waste of time trying to read threads with all the little brats posting b.s.
  13. Whew... Happy Holidays, and guys come on... behave, we all share the same hobby. We should all be supporting eachothers hobby instead of bashing. You want to bash eachother, take it to the ring. You want to talk about bikes, post your pics, drool over them and be merry!
  14. No, I started it... and if you read it carefully, you'll see I am buying the $899 little honda in May 2007. I just hope it will hold up to all the glory talked about it.
  15. I'm just thinking cool the sh!t or leave... go piss someone else off.
  16. How big are you guys that start all this sh!t? If you're not at least 200+ lbs and have at least 16" arms then please do me a favor, shut the F#$% up k. If you are that big or bigger as I am, behave your damn self and let's all benefit from a wonderful site. I'm tired of the damn crying. Get along or go somewhere else.
  17. What confuses me is that some of the guys over in the honda crf50 forum on TT are talking about how to make their 50's better by putting Pitster gpx engines in them and putting Staggs forks on them. (they are turning their hondas into Pitsters!) Am I wasting my time looking at these honda crf50's and thinking about buying one in May 2007? My 2005 Pitster is what the honda 50's look like after they've been hopped up with a better swingarm and front end. To make it worse (sorry honda), my new X2R is light years ahead of my 2005 Pitster. The biggest thing is, I don't care about resale value. I'll keep these bikes forever. Is it really that much more entertaining riding wheelies and goofing off on the honda than the pitster?
  18. Like I said before, I have to see what's so special about the honda crf50 so I'll be getting one in May 2007. If there's nothing special about it, that will be money wasted that I could have thrown on decking out my Pitster X2R Nothing beats having the best of both worlds.
  19. Pitster Pro support group. http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/pitsterpro/
  20. Own them both and be happy... That's what I'm going to do. I'll probably end up merging the two together, enough said. I just needed to convince myself I needed a honda crf50 and that's what you guys helped me do with this thread.
  21. Thanks Outlaw... I'll be getting a crf50 come may 2007 to settle my curiousity. By that time, I reckon I'll have some stunt pegs fresh off the mini lathe ready for it and plenty of practice riding wheelies on my 05 pitster. I'm going to wait on the wheelies on the x2r until I make some delrin frame sliders so I don't muff the bling up.