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  1. Arizona

    Yes, it is....just do us both a favor....don't get comfortable with that site as I consider it MINE. And me being a dog, am not above coming around and marking my territory. Roh-roh...Hee,hee,hee,hee!
  2. Arizona

    Head east on the 4 peaks road until it bends to the north:LEFT (it's a couple miles back- an obvious bend). At the bend there is a road that goes right, I believe it is 401 or 405. Take that about half a mile. It will make a couple curves. You will see a corral on the right. Some people camp to the right of the corral in the bottom of the wash there. I always camp on the left across from the corral. Big open area big enough for a couple campers. I have a 34' RV and pull a 10' trailer- overall length of my rig is 50'. If there is no vacancy at either place you can continue down that road, there are plenty of other places along there. If you keep going for 5 or 6 miles there is a huge open area by some more corrals and a water tank at the bottom of the hill.
  3. Arizona

    Thanks guys, had a great time. Hope all are well, sorry Greg...hope you are OK. Those trails are cool. Good family area, look forward to more get togethers, Peace
  4. Arizona

    Greg, call me when you leave Fountain Hills...I may have breakfast for you! Let me know!
  5. Arizona

    Jim, My space is behind you and one over on the driver's side. Actually, just west of your spot by one....I don't know which direction you are going to face at the park, how could I know if that is the driver's side? Greg, I'll bring them. If you would like to use them that is great, they don't get run enough that's for sure. One is street legal but the other just has an OHV plate. You will need to get them to the staging area from the campground.
  6. Arizona

    Alright, I'm officially in! Made reservations at the campground. Greg, let me know if you want me to load up the 230's (one for mom, one for boy)
  7. Arizona

    These last two weeks have really stirred the 'chick' in me....right now that is manifesting itself in being undecided. I am leaning towards coming today. Probably going to bring the RV and stay but might just run up for the day.
  8. Arizona

    I ride outside Forest Lakes all the time. My main riding area in the summer.
  9. Arizona

    Well, I would like to get a head count on this. I really want to make it BUT my work is in a critical place ( I am currently fighting for my livelihood). I may decide to catch the next one. I will see how this week goes at work and how this ride develops.
  10. Arizona

    you can see it at Photobucket. Look up Scooby450. It's a picture of my girl by her bike.
  11. Arizona

    I'll bring my step-daughter's. It has a lowering link and a step down seat. I have to warn you though, it's pretty pimped out. He may like it too much. Here it is before we put graphics on it.
  12. Arizona

    Greg, how old is your boy? I have a couple of crf 230's for my kids, maybe I can bring one. I can't promise though.
  13. Arizona

    Jim, looks like I am heading up on Friday am if work permits it. It is likely as of today. The park is: I have not made reservations yet... Additionally, I have a new cell phone, same number, but I have miss placed yours. I'm at 6oh2 448 7149
  14. Arizona

    OK, Greg was right. Not much chance of camping off Granite. It would OK in a tent but it's too close to town I guess to have any camping areas of size there. I am probably going to book a site at the campground across & east of Giant. You can ride through their parking lot and cut some asphalt time down getting to and from the riding area. I may have more peeps coming but they are tentative at this time. So, I can host the lunch at my place but if we want to do it at the area then Jim will have to supply the grill.
  15. Arizona

    I'm ,Bob. I may bring some peeps with me. And there is a guy I met last week in Payson that may show. He knows the secret trails!