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    I love riding and I am trying to avoid the cage.
  1. Jay Welther

    KTM 500 EXC (2013)


    Best Bike I've here ridden. Light, fast, great mileage and electric start.
  2. Jay Welther

    KTM 500 EXC 2013

    Best Bike I've here ridden. Light, fast, great mileage and electric start.
  3. Jay Welther

    xr650r cases

    Not sure what you mean for sure. Every part on a XR650R is interchangable with a different XR650R. So your cases will work perfectly on my bike and Vis versa. FYI.. The cases hold the crank shaft into place. The rest are called covers. Hope that helps.
  4. Hi Gang, So I sold my mini chain breaker on the trail last weekend and need a replacement. The one I had was about an inch square. You could hold the block with a 17mm wrench and turn the drive pin with a 10mm. Actually fit inside of the roll on a black electrical tape roll. Any Ideas? What do you carry? Any other cool tool ideas? I wrap the fork leg with about 5 turns of black elec tape. Do the same with duct tape. What have you got? Motion pro sells a chain breaker that is about 4 time heavier then what I am looking for. I was planning on getting one and cutting off the handle. That should make it about 3 times heavier than what I want but it will work. I'll use vise grips ontrial as a handle. Any other Ideas for a chain Braeker would be great. Any other tools or parts ideas for carring on trial would be helpful.
  5. Jay Welther

    XT225 vs. new XT250

    Hi, Can you give me the info on the Z1 exhaust mod? Thank you, Jay
  6. Please put me on the list for the next one! I live in San Clemente and ride with about 20 different guys. No one heard about it. We all want to go. Jay