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  1. SteveThompson

    Any inputs on 2000 YZ400F?

    Are you talking about a YZF400R streetbike? If so, they are not and were never imported to the US. STEVE
  2. SteveThompson

    Need help in IN

    iamthat-pm'd you Pr1malR8gw-Thanks for all of the info. La Porte is about twice as far from Muncie as Ft. Wayne is...but thank you very much for the offer. I have tried to buy good gear. Not necessarily top of the line but that is one thing I know from my RR experience...you need good safety equipment. It is false economy to try and save a few bucks there. In some cases I didn't know what to buy but did the best I could. I am still undecided on knee braces. It sounds like a good idea but I don't know too much about them at the moment. STEVE
  3. SteveThompson

    Need help in IN

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=371054 This is the post I made over in the MX forum asking for help. I am in Muncie, IN and am looking for some help. I would like to get on an MX track and try to learn and do so without hurting myself or endangering anyone else. Anybody up for spending a day or afternoon with me at the track and helping get me going? I would prefer an experienced MX rider/racer who could help with technique and just the basics of being at the track. I am willing to pay for some help...beer, $$$, whatever . I know that with my experience as a roadracer if someone wanted some help at a roadcourse, in about a day I could get them to the place where they weren't a danger to anyone else or themselves. I guess that is the kind of help I am looking for here. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks! STEVE
  4. SteveThompson

    Looking for advice

    Thanks for the replies! Which Semics videos would be the best to start with? Thanks for the info on the region specific forums. I will make a post over there right away. I won a state championship racing a bicycle a year ago so I know I can get myself in good cardio shape. I need more technique help. I'll update everyone on how it goes. STEVE
  5. SteveThompson

    Looking for advice

    I just bought an mx bike and am looking for some help. I have been involved in roadracing and street riding for a long time. I thought mx looked like fun and might fit my current lifestyle and budget so I bought a bike. So far I have learned that nearly all of my experience from roadracing and street riding does not apply. I would like to start riding on an mx track but I am looking for some help. I would like to attend a school or something but I am not finding much available. I was thinking maybe I could hire an experienced rider to spend the day with me at the track and maybe I could learn something that way. Basically, at 33 years old, I am looking to have some fun and do it safely and with some good instruction. Anybody have any ideas on where I can find some help or what I should do next? Thanks in advance! STEVE