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  1. You can JB weld the magnet to your rotor.
  2. Appalachian DR

    Front tire?'s

    Kenda K776 enduro dot knobby. I can't believe it's a dot tire. Cheap and sticks everywhere.
  3. Yes I did. And you Mr. Arrow forgot to include what the route was, what kind of oil you're running, and what you had for breakfast the day that pict was taken:naughty: Okay, threadjack/inside joke over:devil:
  4. Appalachian DR

    Acerbis handguards

    I've seen them fold up in the woods. They did fine on a gravel road slide on my old bike. Depends on the crash and/or where you ride.
  5. Man.. the Arrow's about got me sold on one and I don't even need a bike. Maybe for the next one though. Think I can get it financed from the guys over at Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe?
  6. Appalachian DR

    Show me your dual sported WR....

    Sweet wheels dude:worthy:
  7. Appalachian DR

    17" rims

    Having a cush hub was #1 priority for me. http://www.radmfg.com/index.html makes them and the quality is top notch. I priced around and ended up buying from http://sumofallparts.net/ I got the whole package from them. Rad hubs with Excel rims, Avon Distanzia tires, Heavy duty tubes, EBC rotors and Pads, caliper relocator, sprocket, bolts, SM fendar, and Galfer SS blue brake line. The customer support after the sale was second to none. If you've priced around and I told you what I paid, you wouldn't believe me. Ask for Donovan. 1-888-910-7627
  8. Appalachian DR

    WallMart battery?

    Does anyone know if they carry a battery that's compatable with the WR450? I've heard of a couple scoring batterys there cheap for Quads and an occasional bike. I know I said I could live with the kickstarter a while back but since then it's been in the 70's and it sucked kicking it only four times with a black leather suit on. No way I'm doing that when it hits the 90's this summer. BTW. I got the 04 starter upgrade parts from the Thumpertalk store for under 200 bucks. That's cheaper than a heatstroke for sure.
  9. Appalachian DR

    whose ready i know i am

    Naw dude, twice a month:moon: I'm in for the weekend and mabey a 1/2 day on Fri. If I can get off at lunch, I could be there before 1:00
  10. Appalachian DR

    whose ready i know i am

    Brown's about to fire up:applause: You're right though Goose, supermoto season is upon us too. I'm gonna be changing wheels as often as underwear this year:ride:
  11. Appalachian DR

    Xtreme DS forum?

    No man, I went too soft on the clickers when I got to the track and had a little bottom out action. The tire hit the plate. I sure hope I never loop one again. Haven't done that since I was a kid riding wheelies through cotton fields.
  12. Appalachian DR

    Xtreme DS forum?

    WR450...Tri-sport. I dig it man:thumbsup: "Yes officer it is street legal but it is not a dualsport. It's a Tri-Sport":busted:
  13. Appalachian DR

    Thought you WR boys might like this

    Boys? What do you call an alligator...a lizard? Just kidding. Thanks for sharing:thumbsup:
  14. Appalachian DR

    Guts tall/soft seat

    I've got the comp. cover. It hasn't ripped yet but man it is thin. The soft foam, on the other hand, is a million dollar upgrade:thumbsup:
  15. Appalachian DR

    Where did you ride your WR today

    Sweet picts. guys:applause: A few of us did about 200 miles yesterday. We headed out of Western NC via tight twisty asphalt, in route to a motocross track in SC. It was a great day and now the knobs are begging to be bolted on. I can count on one hand how many times I've ever been on a track, but it was cool to have a blast coming and going from the track. No trailer required:thumbsup: This bike brings out the hooligan within.