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  1. Thanks, these bikes are really hard to find down here this one was a mess. I got it all right now i just need to change out the fork boots but that will wait till i get in my new shop. I spent more money than i was planning but its all worth it because you really cant buy a bike like the 400 anymore.
  2. Thanks guys, I have it almost complete i dropped a few bolts and they grew legs and walked off so i will have to see if i can find them.
  3. I got the new front fender and headlight assembly on its starting to look like something now.
  4. I got the tank in today.
  5. I got some more done on the 400 its hard to remember where everything goes when its been apart for a year. LOL I got the chain on and the case saver. I swapped out the air box from a grey one to a black one and got the new rear fender on and put the subframe back on. I am going all red and black on the bike i hate the white plastic's, I just scored a red gas tank today on ebay they are somewhat hard to find at a decent price. I also got the biggun exhaust on it wont be long till she fire up again.
  6. I put the exhaust on this morning and it was a tight fit where the 2 pieces fit together so i don't think i will need a clamp.
  7. Yes, the only reason i ask is because when i bought the exhaust it was missing 2 of the header springs so i thought i might be missing a clamp as well.
  8. On the XR400 is there suppose to be an exhaust clamp on the connection where it bolts to the sub frame?
  9. I got the intake boot cleaned up and put a new o-ring in then got the pumper carb mounted. I will get the sub frame cleaned up so i can put the black air box in it then i will get the carb cables adjusted. Its getting real close to being fihished. I also got the new handle bars mounted. Here is the pumper carb.
  10. Getting it back together slowly but surely .
  11. Well after searching hi and low for a used rear wheel i just gave up and got a new rad wheel i got my new tire mounted and i should start putting the bike back together real soon.
  12. I know carbon fiber is strong but its cracked all the way across and wont take a chance like that.
  13. Hub is cracked all the way across i wouldnt trust any repair on it.
  14. Well i am still looking for a rear wheel that doesn't cost 350.00 used. I got some work done this morning i changed a leaking oil line and oil filter and got the header installed, the big gun fit really nice. That rear wheel is really working on my budget.LOL
  15. Yeah i am going to adjust the valves and see if that is the problem. I will get the rest of the bike done and if i cant buy a used wheel by the time i am finished i will just order a excel wheel.