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  1. im an admin on gixxer.com which is dedicated to the gsxr line of street bikes. anyway, you guys have to check this thread out. a guy on the site put two bottle of NOS energy drink into his gas tank thinking it was going to give him more hp.. and he is totally f*#%ed now.. its a pretty funny thread with people from all over the globe reading it now. http://www.gixxer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=226570
  2. bmfgsxr

    2001 trx 400

    go stock man.. its probably a time bomb thats why he is selling it.
  3. bmfgsxr

    04 400ex vs 07 400 ex

    go -1 on your front sprocket (although I always prefer to go up on the rear as its less stress on the counter shaft, but more expensive for a rear sprocket) so Id say go +2 or +3 on the rear sprocket.. although +3 might be a little more than your looking for and lose too much top end for you.
  4. bmfgsxr

    400 ex pipes glowing red?

    yep, running lean for some reason.
  5. bmfgsxr

    2002 mojave ?'s

    thanks, i bought it for my 13 year old son.. so ill leave it stock as it will be plenty for him for the trail riding we do. but ill keep it in mind in the event he wants to get into racing .
  6. bmfgsxr

    mojave top speed ?

    thats what i figured.. thanks. ill end up gps'ing all our quads next time we go out and ill post results. ive got an 05 400ex bought my son the mojave my daughter an 02 250ex and looking at a 300ex or warrior for my wife.
  7. bmfgsxr

    Kawasaki mojave top speed ?

    anyone have real #s?
  8. bmfgsxr

    2002 mojave ?'s

    well for whats its worth i bought the quad. its quite clean, but i needed to bring it in for a service. the carb was a bit dirty, and the valves were a bit on the tight side. otherwise it seems to be a great quad from what ive read.
  9. bmfgsxr

    2002 mojave ?'s

    i guess no one knows about a mojave.. it was a 250cc liquid cooled quad that kawi produced for a number of years.
  10. bmfgsxr

    Kawasaki 2002 mojave ?'s

    hello, Im looking at buying a used 02 250 mojave for my son. Im more of a honda guy when it comes to offroad so i dont know too much about this model. did it have any common problems to look out for, does it have reverse, is it manual or auto clutch, are they reliable, durable, etc. etc.. any help would be appreciated.
  11. bmfgsxr

    quad suggestions for my kids

    i started on dirtbikes/minibikes when i was about 6 years old. im 35 now, and have primarily been a 2 wheeled guy my entire life. ive owned probably around 15 different motorcycles/dirtbikes thoughout my years, and only one quad. an 86 suzuki quadsport 230, and that was back in 88'. i recently gave up road racing after a number of years to do more family oriented stuff. i sold all my roadracing stuff and bought myself a crf450r, a xr100 for my wife, and the two polaris 50's for the kids. i was going to get them dirtbikes, but the reality is that the type of riding we do is tight trails, and rocky trails. a quad is really the better machine for them, and all of us. thats why i sold my crf450 and bought a trx400. im also selling my wifes 03 xr100 so i can get her a quad too. if we get the point if trailering our stuff to riding parks where we can enjoy 2 wheels more we can always go back, but for now quads are what we will be riding. thanks for the info though.
  12. bmfgsxr

    quad suggestions for my kids

    thanks for the info. we ride fairly tight trails for the most part, and i am concerned about the weight of a full sized quad.
  13. bmfgsxr

    quad suggestions for my kids

    we are looking to upgrade our kids from their polaris predator 50cc quads. my son is almost 13 and good size for his age, and my daughter just turned 12 and is average for her age. im debating going with the predator 90's since they are the slightly bigger than the honda/yamaha/kf/z 90cc quads. but physically they will outgrow them very quickly and are already on the big side for 90's.. i like the idea of the suzuki lt160's, but they are hard to find in good shape used. do you guys have any good suggestions? i see some tiawan made 150's on ebay, but i really dont like the idea of buying something without a reputation (at least a good one). any help would be appreciated.
  14. bmfgsxr

    LTZ 400 or 400 Ex??

    i had the option of a mint 05z with under 20 hours for 2700 delivered to my house, or a mint 05ex with under 20 hours for 3200 delivered to my house. i chose the ex for its purpose.
  15. bmfgsxr

    my new 05 400ex running rough

    got it back from the shop.. all is well. compression is great, tranny is great, suspension tight, everything is in tip top shape, and now she runs great too. i had the guy go through the entire quad looking for any and everything possible, but in the end it needed a new plug, serious carb cleaning/adjusting, had him change the oil while it was in there, and lube up the rear brake slide since it was sticking due to lack of grease. this quad was sitting for a little over a year without being used and without the gas being turned off so these things can happen, but otherwise its virtually like new. thanks for the info.