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  1. The gas rating in manual is for european rating system, ROZ, where we use RON here in the states, 95 ROZ is roughly 91 RON. Make sure you dump the throttle stop when you install the JD jet kit, drilling out the end caps makes a huge difference sound wise and i did not notice any gain/loss in power. There is a huge source of info on www.ktmtalk.com as well.
  2. Ok, for shits and giggles i replaced the recommended RED needle with the BLUE one and bike runs tons better, especially down low. Now reading the JD install manual, the RED needle is for hot and humid conditions, in which i live in (S.Florida). Manual stated to use this needle as it would lean out the low RPM. I am trying to figure out the logic here, any ideers? Also that "detonation" sound is not there anymore either.
  3. When i downshift, the rpms go up and i never hear the noise at higher rpm's. I am pretty sure it is not piston slap. Why would jetting not cause detonation in this situation? If it was running too lean it could detonate, correct? I would think the airflow increase by removing the insterts would lean it out? I tune fuel injected vehicles for a living and I am not too familiar with carburators but the priciples of the engine still applies and I know whenever airflow is increased on a vehicle the air/fuel mixture leans out.
  4. I recently got an 06 KTM 625 SMC, I live in southern Florida, temps around here are about 80's right now. I installed a JD jet kit on bike, used the recommended red needle, clip in 3rd from top groove, 170 main jet and the 45 pilot, fuel mixture screw backed out 1 1/2 turns. Yesterday I removed the insterts in the mufflers http://www.supermotojunkie.com/show...57&page=2&pp=10 I am now hearing a metallic sound in lower rpm range fairly low load, but not at higher rpm and high load. I am not sure if there might just be something left in muffler thats making the sound or it is actually detonating. Based on the jet setup I have (I also use good quality premium fuel) and my location would it warrant detonation conditions? I am also curious if the red needle is the right choice. Any input would be helpful. BTW, the bike feels great power wise, no dips in powerband and it sounds awesome.
  5. Man that looks cool as heck, he did not mention if he rejetted the bike though. Wonder what those tips are anyway, looks like spark arrestors to me, but i am not sure what purpose they serve. I might have to try it out.
  6. Yeah, I am bringing it in for the first service this week anyway so I will have them look at it.
  7. Do you know the part number on the exhaust, I can not seem to find one that is made for the 625 smc, if you have the part number please let me know. Also what is the stock setup on sprockets?
  8. I just tried that and the idle goes up so i set it kind of high(more than normal) and it still did it, it seems to get worse after you drive it for awhile getting the motor hot. Is there a idle fuel mixture that could cause that? Anyone?
  9. Ok I got the jet kit installed and dang, it does make quite a difference, throttle is very crisp now and it seems to pull a little harder and quicker. I used the JD jet kit. I used the red top needle with clip in 3rd position from top. I also used the 170 main jet and the 45 pilot jet. I also adjusted the main fuel screw by turning it in snug then backing it out 1 1/2 turns per the instructions. I used the red needle due to the fact that i am in Florida and 80 degree days are here and kicking. Does this sound right as far as setup? Everything else is stock on bike.
  10. Since I am new to this i have to ask, I only have liek 400miles on the bike and i have noticed a few times when I come to a stop there is a loud clicking sound, sounds like the starter engaging or something similar noise then the engine dies, if come to a stop and rev the engine up once it never does it. It only does it after decel and comming to a complete stop during idle. I installed a jet kit but problem was there before and is still there so that is not the cause. I did not try to bump the idle or anything yet as I am kind of unsure what it could be. Any info would be great.
  11. Not sure if it is avialable, I know i had a hard time finding the 625SMC, i got the only one left in S.Florida.
  12. I just bought mine last week, love it, still breaking it in so I have not been able to beat on it but so far so good. I looked at the Suzuki as well but the KTM is a much more serious bike in my opinion.
  13. Cool, I have to get re-educated on this carb stuff, I deal with all fuel injection stuff at work so this is interesting. Thank you for all the info. I took the limiter out last night, followed the instructions and voila, worked like a charm, I did cut the screw/bolt and made a cut so I could thighten it with a screwdriver. I also ordered a JD kit yesterday so it is all comming together. I got it directly from the JD web site, should come in 2days. Ill let you know when i get it so I can bug you about setting it up, I am in S.Florida BTW.
  14. The OBEKER as you refer to is what exactly? I am new to this so bear with me. I get from posts here that the carburation in these motors are set lean. I work in automotive calibration so I know a few things about tuning motors(gas/diesel). I do not understand why a manufacturer would release a any motor with a lean setting as we all know lean conditions can cause serious damage under WOT and part throttle, maybe not as much on a motor like this but the principles are the same. So my question is, how do you know that the factory setting is lean, I use wideband air-fuel sensors to monitor this on vehicles but i am curious as what was used in order to make this statement. I am not trying to be a smart ass or anything, just curious, you have to question everything. Oh yeah TORQUE is what it is all about, my Dodge Cummins is making about 700ft/lbs rear wheel right now before new tranny, then it will be go time Also where is a good place to get these parts at good prices?
  15. Great, thank you guys for the info. Limiter will be out this evening. For sprockets, the 17/38 combo is it necessary to take any links out of chain? Also what is the factory sprocket setup? Are there any other "must do" mods that you recommend, my bike is completely stock right now. Any info is appreciated.