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  1. lonestar2

    rear sprocket removal advice

    Thanks for your fast replies.....back to the garage!
  2. lonestar2

    rear sprocket removal advice

    I'm trying to change out the rear sprocket and I can't budge the nuts or bolts to get the sprocket off of the hub. Has anyone elso had this problem and if so, how did you fix it/ Thanks in advance.
  3. lonestar2

    How's the DR650 for tall guys?

    Thanks for all the feedback.....love this forum.
  4. lonestar2

    How's the DR650 for tall guys?

    I wanted to see if there are any guys my size on DRs and if so, how's the fit? I'm 6'4" and about 225. I'm riding a KLX400 right now but would like something more Highway able.I keep hearing that the DR is tank tough but kinda short. I'd appreciate your feedback.
  5. lonestar2

    new bike (to me) problem

    I've searched different threads and found some of the symptoms of my problem, but not all of them together. My apologies if this is redundant. I've got a 2003 KLX-400 that will start with the choke out but idles REALLY poorly and dies the second that you apply any throttle or put in the choke. When it does idle it also backfires regularly. Anyone got any thoughts and/or suggestions? Thanks in advance.