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  1. murrymac

    Motorcycle Stands

    This one works great for me! http://www.gregsmithequipment.com/Motocross-Lift-p/ht1007.htm
  2. murrymac

    Smog cannister greif?

    Read on another forum on this sight that a WR with some type of emission mod was not allowed to ride at Prairie city
  3. murrymac

    Smog cannister greif?

    Has anyone been to a CA. ohv park recently & been turned away because of removing your smog stuff?
  4. murrymac

    Receiver Hitch Carrier

    I have a Joe hauler that works pretty good! The best advice I can pass on is "use good quality tie down straps"
  5. murrymac

    spark plug threads

    Thanks for the feed back!!
  6. murrymac

    spark plug threads

    Threads are jacked up (head). So spark plug won't go in correctly. I have not tried to force the issue with the plug & think the threads are salvageable. Anyone been there don that?
  7. murrymac

    Runnin 606's

    What psi do you guys keep your dunlop 606's when going from asphalt to soft dirt and back ect....
  8. murrymac

    Dual Sporters around Sac

  9. murrymac

    bar risers, best place to buy

  10. murrymac

    Tonns Racing... anyone have problems lately?

    I have a brand new one still in the box if anyone is interested. Just have not got around to listing it in the classifieds. PM me for more info.
  11. murrymac

    Opinion on Pants

    Has any one tried these ? http://gearhouse.motobahnusa.com/product_p/mb-2832-gry.htm HMB DURATEX 600D AND TRICOT MESH MOTORCYCLE PANTS WITH ARMOR- GRAY
  12. murrymac

    Any thoughts on this?

  13. murrymac

    Case Savers

    Just talk to TT customer service! Great to deal with! All is good!
  14. murrymac

    Case Savers

    Just received my case saver from the TT store. The instructions that came with package are for some type of tension adjustment lever. It has been a week & no reply from the TT customer service. Anyone have any tips/suggestions on adhesive and/or installing the case savers?