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  1. fender bender

    Shedd, OR video!

    yes it is a private riding area, you can look here http://sheddatv.com/default.aspx for more details
  2. fender bender

    Shedd, OR video!

    For the last couple of years, Gary at G&G cycles here in Albany, OR has put together a fun run during the summer months in Shedd, OR (next to Albany and Tangent), called the "field and stream fun run". He's spent countless hours cutting single track, making bridges, and setting a course. It's truely a blast and the newest trails are fast and flowy. I put this little video together last night after an afternoon of filming. Hope you enjoy it! Call Gary at G&G cycles for more info (541) 926-9320. Peace and Premix!
  3. fender bender

    24hrs of Starvation Ridge video!

    most like us had 6 riders per team, unlike some ironman (solo) riders that did it all on their own:worthy: all hundred teams started in waves, starting with the AA, expert, open AM, etc. down to the sportsman. there was a class for everyone. this 22.5 mile loop consisted of a lot of grass track, some rock sections, jumps, and whoops, also going through a old house, and barn. Our team did one lap (which was plenty for me) before switching riders. our lap times ranged from 51 min. to 66 min (couple of spills in there) this was a well organized race with plenty of sweep riders to pick up the peices.
  4. Hey guys, I just got some footage together from last week's 24hr race at Starvation Ridge in Goldendale, WA. The race was super brutal this year with a lot of dust and bumps.. Our team (team G&G cycle) ended up 8th place (our of 28) in Open AM! We were hovering between 4th and 5th until our last lap when we lost a transponder... Oh well, thats racing! I put the video on youtube to show you! Youtube kills the quality, but i think its still decent. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think.
  5. fender bender

    color gear

    Cyan Blue MSR gear riding a KTM?? it all looks like dirt at the end of the day...