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  1. Str8moto

    El Dorado Forest Route Designation Project

    is omo ranch in this area?? where can I get a map?? Im in lodi and was just turned on to this place off omo ranch road. Are there better areas than this?? I like nasty rutted technical trails and steep grades.
  2. Str8moto

    Tight valve??

    did you turn your gas off and rev it a few times before you shut it down?? The manual says to do this and i always do. another thing..... everyone always says "cold" there is alot of variety to "cold" im here in ca and my uncles from wisconsin laugh when I say "cold".
  3. Str8moto

    Need Stock Crf250R fork springs

    hey just got a new 06 only a few rides on them. I got new ones on the way cause im 250lbs so if your interested ill send em to you for 50 bucks.
  4. Str8moto

    sikk 125cc pitbike

    Hey Im new to the pit scene and just bought a sikk 125 xl. I've been tearing it up but I want more power. I would like to know which motor is on it if anyone knows? also I would like to add a high comp. piston, cam, and springs but dont know which kit is best. also is there a timing chain??? if so how do you time it and how much torque do you apply to the bolts when reaasemblying.