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  1. zuke_3

    quick jetting question

    duh, i wanna do the 3x3 mod. guess i forgot to write that...
  2. zuke_3

    quick jetting question

    what's up guys...I need some help with jetting my 05 s model. I have an fmf ti full exhaust and an aftermarket air filter. I bought the bike jetted already to those specs and I'm not sure what sizes is. I have the DJ kit that came with the bike. I was wondering if I will only have to go up one size with that mod and is there anything else I should also be doing in this process? Thanks
  3. zuke_3

    lost my keys

    okay so...i'm at the bar and i reach in my pocket and think, oh man, i still have my motorcycle keys in my pocket from earlier today, good thing i found em now or else i'd be looking for them come monday when i gotta go to work. so of coarse i totally forget about it, then come monday when i gotta go to work i reach into the pocket of those pants and NO KEYS!!!. looked everywhere, can't find em. so now it's tuesday and i can't take not riding the bike anymore. what's the solution?? It's a 05 DRZ 400. Can I hot wire or what. I bought it used so i don't know about the key number. can i get one from calling the dealer with the vin# and my title or something?
  4. zuke_3

    hand guards

    actually wasn't looking for that type of guard. just got em in the mail and found out. I wanted the full wrap around style instead of just the plastic mounted ones. so cycra triple mount probably the best?
  5. zuke_3

    hand guards

    i just bought a pair of white cycras off of ebay. it says they have universal mounts. hopefully they fit...only $16 anyway
  6. zuke_3

    hand guards

    i was wondering what brand of hand guards everyone runs on their DRZ's. what brands fit and which don't?
  7. zuke_3

    Good Deal?

    actually i'm not. the tires on it are dot approved knobbies. they are new also. but the stock tires probably won't ever go on the bike unless i don't have the money for new ones.
  8. zuke_3

    Good Deal?

    it has 1900 miles on it. Just paid for it yesturday. it comes with the stock tires which are like new. right now it is at the dealer getting looked over since it is still under warranty. Hopefully the guy can pick it up early next week so I can ride!!! can't wait to tear it up, it's obnoxiosly loud...haha
  9. zuke_3

    Good Deal?

    So soon I'm gonna be part of the DRZ family...I am purchasing an 05 400s with fmf titanium exhaust, dynojetting, aftermarket air filter, flush mount signals, baja led tail, radiator guards, and a couple other small things i can't remember. the dude wants 4000 for it. think it's a good deal? He's taking it to the dealer on friday to get things checked out while the warranty is still good. There is one problem, the speedo always reads km/h instead of mph when you turn it on, and you gotta fudge with it to get it changed. anyone else ever experience this? Is there anything in particular I should be looking for before the purchase? also, is there anything I should do once I get the bike besides suspension changes? thanks for any input.