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  1. parkerstev

    ttr 125 Hard to start

    Thanks, I used the 110 and the 17.5 and it cranks right away
  2. parkerstev

    TT125 Jetting and airbox - A visual guide

    I can't thank you enough for this post. My wife's TTR would hardly ever crank until the battery ran down. I followed your directions and rejetted it today. Man, it fires first time every time. I can also tell the the increase in power. Thanks again,
  3. parkerstev

    ttr 125 Hard to start

  4. parkerstev

    ttr 125 Hard to start

    My wife's TTR is notoriously hard to start when it is cold, I am thinking of rejetting it and modifying the airbox while I am off this week. What sized jets should I put in? Live in Tennessee moderate temps and near sea level. Thanks
  5. parkerstev

    2005 TTR 250 (united states)

    Thanks, I appreciate the help
  6. parkerstev

    2005 TTR 250 (united states)

    I have a 2005 ttr250 (the u.s. version) would all these instructions from the Uk on rejetting the carb be the same or is my carb different? Also, Where in the U.S. can I get the jets and possible a new pipe? Thanks, Memphis trail rider.