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  1. Tremor_socal

    SoCal: Looking for a group to ride with

    I'm ready! Sounds like a great ride you went on, Jeff. I really want to do the LA2B2V ride next year. I'm also going to do the dualies.com ride out of Beaumont in May. Easter is next weekend, but Saturday is good for me. The following weekend I should be available either day as well. Lets put this together! Tim
  2. Tremor_socal

    SoCal: Looking for a group to ride with

    April is here, who is ready for a TT Dualsport ride? Tim
  3. Tremor_socal

    Who's going where......

    LOL, great post.
  4. Tremor_socal

    Pismo Poll

    Done! You guys all voted for the plover, right?
  5. Tremor_socal

    SoCal Dual Sport Riders

    I will definitely be signing up for this. It sounds like a great ride for a great cause and should be a lot of fun. I will also get the side benefit of finding some great riding right around my house. Anyone else on TT going to do this who doesn't mind me tagging along? I have a GPS and mount, but don't have a roll chart. I live about 25 minutes from the start of the ride, so if anyone wants to they can stage at my house and we can start and finish there rather than driving up and loading/unloading. Tim
  6. Tremor_socal

    Menifee area

    LOL, we must be very close. I'm in the new neighborhood across from Walmart east of Sanderson. The main entrance is Mustang, which also runs in front of the high school. There are a lot of riders in the neighborhood. Do you ever ride locally? If you know where I'm talking about, we should go sometime. My neighbor across the street has a CR500 and he's always up for a quick ride. Tim
  7. Tremor_socal

    SoCal: Looking for a group to ride with

    Glad to see this thread is still going. I would definitely be up for an April ride...that will be the first time I can ride again. I went on a great ride with a couple of forum lurkers who sent me a PM last week. We rode from Highland up to Big Bear for lunch and then back again. It was a terrific introduction to the area and I am looking forward to doing some of it again soon. We ran into some snow in the higher elevations like you did, 9Lives. It was fun when we were slogging through it, but getting stuck in the deep stuff was very tiring. I also hit some ice at speed at did a highside into a pile of cut lumber and rocks. I put a nice hole through my riding pants and my upper shin about the size of a quarter. I rode the rest of the day, but by the end of it the hole was loaded with mud and dirt from stream crossings and was killing me. Needless to say, scrubbing it out that night was a bunch of fun. Regardless, it was a small price to pay for a great ride. Thanks again to the 3 lurkers...you know who you are! Tim
  8. Tremor_socal

    My son's first ride...

    That couldn't be further from the truth. As a new Dad, I am so excited for you and your son! How cool it will be when I can do the same thing with my daughter. Tim
  9. Tremor_socal

    Menifee area

    Good choice to move to if you're a MX'er. Menifee is 15 minutes from Perris MX track, 30 minutes from Lake Elsinore, and 40 minutes from Cahuilla Creek MX Track. I'm right down the road from Menifee in Southwest Hemet. If you look at your map, follow Newport east and it turns into Domenigoni. I'm at Domenigoni and Sanderson, just north of Diamond Valley Lake. When you get into town look me up and I'll show you a local place you can ride. Only thing is, if you tell anyone else, I have to kill you. Tim
  10. Glad to hear it Darryl, and glad to hear you're getting more mobility with that leg. Looking forward to a ride with you sometime in the future. Tim, your YZ buyer
  11. Tremor_socal

    SoCal: Looking for a group to ride with

    Jeff, Our one year anniversary is the 25th of March, so for some reason I think I'm out for that weekend. Other than, I'm all set for a ride as long as I get a couple of days to prepare the wife for it. We should plan something in early April a couple weeks in advance...I'll be happy to coordinate the ride if you'll volunteer your leadership on the ride itself. Tim
  12. Tremor_socal

    SoCal: Looking for a group to ride with

    I have a Tourmaster Cortech jacket with armor leftover from my street-riding days that I wear when it's cold out that is waterproof and has a zip-out quilted liner. I also have all the cold-weather gear I need to stay warm. I'm ready when you are. It's also supposed to 90 in Hemet on Sunday, so I'd assume it'll be a pretty nice day in Big Bear as well. Tim
  13. Tremor_socal

    SoCal: Looking for a group to ride with

    Jeremy, I'd definitely be up for a ride around the area. It would be great to check out some of the trails locally and whatnot. Let's put something together. Tim
  14. Tremor_socal

    SoCal: Looking for a group to ride with

    Jeff, I would definitely be interested in setting something up. I'm available most weekends and could pull a weekday with a bit of notice. I'd love to do a day of cruising and checking things out. Tim
  15. Kieth, Thanks for the good idea. I did check out the D37 board and found the ride leaving out of Beaumont with ocriders.com. However, their website forums are not really that active. I do believe I'll still sign up for the ride though. Thanks, Tim