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  1. amnotmotarded

    Potential DRZ buyer is researching Robbie O.

    I'll put in the good word for Robbie. Bought a jacket from him a while back and it was as promised, if everyone I dealt with was like him the world would be a much better place. I would buy from him again in a heartbeat...
  2. amnotmotarded

    Clarke Tank on a DRZ400SM

    here's a before and after of mine, appropriate break in procedures were followed...
  3. amnotmotarded

    air horns installed

    Timing is everything they say, I have a set out of a Passat that I was looking at over the weekend. Discussing install came around to the relay question and whether it was really neccessary. I think I'd be wise to put one in, but if I chose not to how quick would I put the hurt on the electrical? I found pretty cool mounting setup but that pic will have to wait until the real brackets are on...
  4. amnotmotarded

    Need a new impeller. Not happy with the OEM part.

    I see the remnants of green coolant on the pump housing. I think you are killing it with your choice of coolant.
  5. amnotmotarded

    Chance to buy used exhaust?

    You should definatley take pass on it ship it out to BC. I know a guy who would probably take it of you hands for the right price
  6. amnotmotarded

    The Best DRZ Photo!

    On the eighth he got a deal on 17's... nice bike:ride:
  7. amnotmotarded

    no more speedo

    Broke my speedo cable at 60km, not even two hours ride time.
  8. amnotmotarded

    sticker removal

    WD40 works well for the leftovers if you don't have googone. Let it soak for a bit and scrub it off with a cotton rag...
  9. amnotmotarded

    My toy box (garage)

    Plumb in all of your air lines before you drywall
  10. amnotmotarded

    7/8" Bar Height Challenge

    www.********************/universalrisers.html It's barriersonline.com under the damn stars, I don't have to figure out why it won't show...
  11. amnotmotarded

    I wanted to share with ya'll!!!

    Looks great, where'd you find the front signals? very sleek...