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  1. Are there any places even left around there to ride?
  2. PM sent
  3. Ok, after having my bike for a short time now (and crashing more then I want to) it seems that I'm needing some new plastics. Namely front fender & fork slider covers. So in looking for replacement aftermarket parts it seems that there is really only a few companies out there. So who can tell me which mfg makes the better plastics, as far as fit & finish, durability, etc. Or do I go with the more expensive factory pieces? I'd appreicaite the help Thanks
  4. I'd do the canister too if it were me. I'm in SE PA (Near Reading, PA)
  5. Yes, thats seems like a good deal to me. Remember when you powder coat something they have to first bead blast it clean then apply the powdercoat. So you have to take that labor & equipment into account when you get a price for powdercoating.
  6. Actually powder coating bonds to the metal and is alot more that a "coat of paint". I've gotten lots of street bike parts powdercoated & even when the bike get crashed, dented, banged up, I've never seen powder coat "crack & basically shatter". If you dent a metal frame that has been powdercoated, the coating will dent and conform to the metal being dented. Is simply doesnt "chip off". That has been my experience with 15 yrs of street bike parts
  7. I just got my permit & have never been there before. But from what I hear its a pretty good spot. I'm not too far from there (1 hr or so) so I'll probably be up there often. Just post up if you ever want to head out.
  8. Me & a buddy are going to be heading up to RAC for the 1st time this sunday. Does anyone care to join us or possible lead a tour of the area if you know the trails. Post up
  9. Check these guys out. They are alot closer to you. I havent had the chance to head out to an event yet, but they are still alot closer then NJ Good Luck Chris
  10. I just picked up my 1st 4 stroke yesterday - 2006 yz450f
  11. I wouldnt go with slicks (especially if your stuntin) unless you carry a generator with you to run the tire warmers your gonna need. I'd try using some DOT race takeoffs. You can get them cheap from racers, expecially if they have been thru alot of heat cycles. Try here: I used to road race, thats how I know
  12. Thanks for the info!!!
  13. Hi guys, I'm getting a bike in a week or so & would love to check out RAC. I'm down near Reading & would love to find a (somewhat) local place to ride. How can I find out more info on RAC? Thanks Chris