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  1. SummitMtn420

    Valve Adj and now won't idle

    So I adjusted my valves on my XR400 but now after I get it started on choke it dosn't like to come off choke and on no choke stalls right away. I would think the bike is running too lean now after the valve adj. Can adj. the valves though that off that much. Can a loose decompresser cable cause that. Any ideas or past experiences ??
  2. There is a primitive track near between the dump and the graveyard on the North side of HWY 6 going to keystone. It isn't bad and there is singletrack all around that same area that you can explore. The track can get pretty rocky and skechy but some guys who ride there alot rake and shovel and keep it pretty nice. There is a rake laying on the right past the whoops usually to rake the rocks out. There are also some decent gap jumps on top of the hill near the track. Otherwise Thundervalley is 1 hr away- Berthud is 1.5 hours or so away. I live right outside Keystone and am always down for riding with new people. Email me (LangeXR@aol.com).
  3. SummitMtn420

    XR400 valve questions

    Hey guys, I am new to dirt bikes and this site as of this summer. I bought an XR400 hardly used I think. But I don't think the old owner ever adjusted the valves this year and I have been riding alot over the summer and now think I need to adjust them due to more ticking sounds. Looking in my Clymer book it looks very easy- I don't need to go into the engine? Is that it- is anything inside the top end going to need inspection. The bike runs great, smokes sometimes on cold start up after not running for a few days, but only for a minute or two. I have read somewhere that could be caused by the guide seals. What are the guide seals and is that the problem with the slight smoking or is the smoking ok. I just wanted to get some opinons with out having to consult the dreaded dealership. haha Thanks, and rubber down!