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  1. mra999

    Rampart Conditions?

    Went this last Sat. It was great, nice and cool, wet but not too puddled. I didn't change wheels so I was on SUMO slicks and still had traction. Lotsa nOObs on quads too
  2. mra999

    China bike SM? Its on the way and getting bigger

    3 year warranty I'll give you a 10 warranty, but if I disappear in 3 months what the F good is that going to do you? We have a guy trying to peddle this crap on Craig's List and he gets flagged everytime within 30 sec. of posting. I can't believe anyone would be blind enough to throw $3k at this crap. Resale on one of these is nill.
  3. mra999

    Kold Kutters

    Any screwa 1" or longer require liner, put them in new tires. No screws at VDR
  4. mra999

    New colorado supermoto shoot out series!

    I can't wait for this silly winter BS to be over so we can start racing again!
  5. mra999

    Rampart conditions

    Anyone else ridden any Rampart trails this week?
  6. mra999

    Nov 11 Hare Scramble @ 2 Rivers

    No it's just that small of a world:bonk: Actually you keep showing up at all the places I hang out I think we are going to try to get a group together out of the CSC to do the Dec. 9 one at Berthoud. We have a track day at PMI on the 17th so the one on the 18th would be tough.
  7. mra999

    Nov 11 Hare Scramble @ 2 Rivers

    Hey Fro dbl. G, You guys thinking of doing this race? Tripple 9
  8. mra999

    Speedo calibration

    KTM-Unplug the odo then toggle thru to hrs. press and hold for 3-5 sec then toggle thru to WS, I set mine to 1803 for new pilot powers, plug odo back in. This is for my 07 EXC, so not guaranteed for yours.
  9. mra999

    What gear to ride it daily

    14/42 on my 525 EXC, when I put the 15 up front it was too tall for 3rd gear wheelies, it was nice on the highway but I missed the low end pull. It will cruise nicely at 65 and will still hit 100+mph
  10. mra999

    Best prices for slicks?

    How about best slicks for the $ You can get cheap slicks but they will be crap. As hard as it might be, get good tires and stay upright, it's less painful. I look for race takeoffs from the local roadracers that race SV's. Pirelli and Dunlops work great. For a SM specific tire the Metzler Drifts are making a great impression on everyone I know that have tried them.
  11. If this is the Joe I think it is talk to RCStylin (I think same here as SMJ, CSC & CFRSR) He bought dirt wheels for his DRZSM and since he is looking for a race 'tard he might be looking to sell his Or at least he can tell you what he did.
  12. mra999

    Aprilla Shiver

    It is a naked mid sized street bike not a SM. Of course you could crazy glue a SM fender on it and call it a hyper.
  13. mra999

    Gearing on a 2004 yz450f

    Here is the Calculator I use for my 04 with Pirelli Dragon slicks, but a 25" Dia. tire will get you pretty damn close. '04 YZ450FGearing.xls
  14. mra999

    riding on the SM track @ erie IMI

    Very possible, depending on how much crashing goes on next weekend