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  1. Hi there, Tried to post on another site with no response. So I haven't been out on my bike much so far this year. All times so far bike has run great until last night. I have a JD jetting kit installed; don't recall what my settings are but were recommended in a KTMTalk post and they have always worked great. Monday evening I was preparing for a ride on Tuesday evening, installed clean air filter and changed the oil; only items touched. Now on my ride come Tuesday we were out on the trail for about 2hours total. For the first hour the bike ran great; no issues. The second hour is where the problem started occurring. Problem being the bike would start great; run great from 0 - 1/4 throttle (maybe a little more) but as soon as I opened it up it starting running bad, really started to chug, think it was a rich condition. I would let off the throttle and it would chug a little longer (2-3 seconds) then the bike would start running good again from 0-1/4 throttle. The only reason I am thinking it's a rich condition is when I let off the gas I would try to twist the throttle to pump some fuel in and condition got way worst. One point to add is that on the drive home I didn't turn the fuel off and when I got home there was a little gas on the trailer from the bowl overflow tube. Not lots but more then I thought there would be from a gentle trailer ride home. Would a high bowl level cause what I am describing? My thought is that if the fuel is too high when the main jet starts pulling fuel because of the minimal head it has to over come lots of fuel can enter the engine flooding it out? Not sure why my bowl level would change mid ride though. Anyone else experience this issue or possible confirm my thoughts; I hate pulling my carb so looking for input before it gets removed. Thanks, Jeff
  2. dobber1978

    1978 DT175 - No Clutch

    Yeah, when I pull the clutch lever in the clutch won't disengage. I will try your tip of just rocking the bike for a while to see if it comes loose. Not sure what the guy before me ran in it, again this bike sat for a long time, I will put the proper oil in.
  3. dobber1978

    1978 DT175 - No Clutch

    Ok, So i bought this bike a while back and have started working on it. The first issue was no spark, managed to solve that one with a new coil, it now starts, runs and stalls out, might have to pull the carb again. Seems that as soon as I push the choke in it stalls, might just have to warm up more before I turn it off. One thing though is I can't use the clutch. I have adjusted the lever and cable adjustments as much as possible and still nothing. What should be my next check. I was going to pull the cover and try to adjust from there, not sure if i should pull the clutch and check plate thickness. Any other suggestions, the bike had sat for many years before I bought it. Thanks,
  4. dobber1978

    '78 DT175 Flywheel Removal

    And what size do i need the one from the link is a 27x1 with LH internal threads, will this work?
  5. dobber1978

    '78 DT175 Flywheel Removal

    Any suggestions on how to remove the flywheel on the above mentioned bike. I removed the flywheel nut and tried a generic puller. I have a 2 armed generic puller and i tried that and I had no luck. Basically snapped one of the pivot bolts of the puller while trying to torque the flywheel off. No movement on the flywheel. Trying to remove as I have no spark and I want to check out the points, hard to tell what kind of shape they are in when the flywheel is on. Suggestions??? Thanks Jeff
  6. dobber1978

    1978 DT175 - No Spark

    Ok, So I picked up this bike the other day. Went through the process of cleaning the tank, cleaning the carb, removing the exhaust to make sure it was free flowing (looks pretty restricted but guessing that is the way it came). Once all that was done I added some fuel and started kicking. No go. So i pull the plug, looked brand new, guessing the bike must have dies on the previous owner and this was the extent of their checks. I checked the plug cap and it appears ok, think i measure 2k resistance but don't really remember, I cut the plug wire back a half inch and re-connected the plug cap, still no spark. So I am ordering a manual for this bike to help with troubleshooting but I am wondering if anyone can give me somewhere to start. Thanks Jeff
  7. dobber1978

    Manual Question - DT175 1992 vs 1977

    So I found manuals on EBay and there are two, one is the service manual for a 1978 and one is the supplementary manual. Pretty sure the service manual is the one I want. Does anyone know what is in the supplementary manual and whether or not it is a worth while buy? Thanks again, Jeff
  8. Found a Yamaha service manual for a 1992 DT175 online and I am wondering how applicable this manual would be for my 1977 DT175. This is the manual that basically shows everything required to fix this bike. It's only 15 years diff, how much could really change? Anyways if someone knows that I can't use this manual and they know where I can pick one up let me know. Thanks Jeff
  9. dobber1978

    1980 dt175

    Question,what year bikes does this manual service? I have a 77 or 78 DT175. Would this manual apply?
  10. dobber1978

    1977 Yamaha DT vs IT - What are the diffs?

    Well I must have the DT because is comes complete with turn signals, large head light, place to mount license plate on the rear, etc...
  11. Can anyone tell me how to identify whether I have an IT or a DT. I thought I bought an IT but looking at picture I don't see very many differences between the two. Thanks Jeff
  12. dobber1978

    1977 DT175 Just bought, where to start

    I did not know that, I was actually in the process of finding a wiring diagram so I could bypass it. Thanks Jeff
  13. Hi, So I got a sweet deal on a 1977 DT175. The bike has not run for a couple years but it looks like it is complete. Only thing it is missing is the key. Anyways just wondering where others would start on getting this bike running. I plan on changing all fluids, cleaning the carb and cleaning the tank before trying to start. Is there anything else I should plan on doing before trying to fire this thing up? I think this bike is oil injected and I was just going to mix the oil for the first try. Thanks Jeff
  14. dobber1978

    2002 453EXC - KTM Idle Speed

    I have had the bike for a while and I don't think the carb was ever either set up right or had something blocked, the whole reason I took it apart to ensure all passageways were clear of blockages. Does anyone know the best spot to buy different sized pilot jets for a gen I FCR carb?
  15. Ok, I am having an issue with the idle speed of my bike, it just doesn't seem to be fast enough, easy right, well my idle speed adjustment is adjusted as fast as it can go. I recently had my carb apart to ensure there was nothing blocked anywhere and I could not find anything, soaked my jets in laquer thinner overnight, sprayed carb cleaner through all passage ways. Nothing seemed to be blocked and the carb did not show and signs of gunk build up or anything. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could cause this?? One suggestion I had was to make sure my choke was working and it seems to be, i.e. when warm if I pull the choke the bike almost stalls. One thing that bothers me is that my fuel screw really doesn't seem to do much, I can turn it all the way in or a bunch of turns out and the idle speed doesn't change. My fuel screw is an after market one that I can adjust with my fingers, not aluminum, think it is a stainless steel (EDIT - Fuel screw is by Stealth Racing and is SS). I thought about putting the original back in just in case this is the issue but have not done yet. And yes it does have the spring, washer, and o-ring, in that order, that is the spring is on the fuel screw first, then washer, then o-ring. Could this after market screw cause issues? I forget the brand, think it was either recommended on thumper talk or KTMtalk. Current set up. JD Blue Needle with the clip in the forth slot from bottom 172 main 85 choke jet 48 idle jet Mixture control screw out 1.25 turns 100 idle air jet (stock) 200 main air jet (stock) Ride at approx 348m (1150ft) at 25C (75-80F) Thanks Jeff