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  1. From Bruce Brown Family: Today our friend, partner, mentor, filmmaker, and father peacefully passed away in Santa Barbara, California. With Bruce Bruce and his inspiring movies an era comes to an end! His legacy lives on with all of us that continue to carry his torch! Thank you Bruce for all you did for this and future generations. Rest In Peace.
  2. oldfiredude

    just purchased a 1998 dr350

    Great info Bob. This is not to take away from the good info above. Having owned a 1990 DR250 and a 1999 DR350 I have to question the oil recomendation! (My son-in laws have them now!) After breakin on both bikes I ran Mobil 1 15-50 Synthetic, ZERO clutch problems!!! All modern day oils have friction modifiers!! I put several thousand dirt miles on both bikes, they are still running today and the motors have never been apart. Thats 20+ years. The owners manual for both bikes do not specify "motorcycle oil" just 10-30 or 10-40 that meet manufacturer specs., depending on temp and riding conditions. Most clutch problems are caused by abuse or mis-adjustment. If the 350 had a button I would still be riding it. Loved that bike!! Too old to kick Chuck Daly
  3. oldfiredude

    Aftermarket to Stock exhaust

    Question!! What did you change when you put the Big Gun on. If you did not change anything "no wories" If you did, Put it back to stock!!!
  4. oldfiredude

    "Baja" Corky's contribution, and his status... One heck of a Man!

    I am posting this for my long time friend Corky with my eyes filled with tears of joy! Chuck Daly Cancer Update!!!! Doctor took another bone marrow sample . Results returned 10-22-2010 First test bone marrow results January 2010 were "20". October 2010 "bone marrow" results were "0". Doctor calls this "complete remmission" The doctor cut my meds by 50% from 23mg to 10mg. According to the doctor I should return to normal in an about 1 year???? I will keep everyone posted as to my progress????? Multiple Myeloma Doctor-reviewed article from RightHealth and American Academy of Family Physician. What Is Multiple Myeloma? Multiple myeloma (say: "my-el-oh-ma") is a kind of cancer in the bone marrow. Bone marrow is the tissue inside the bones where new blood cells are made. Multiple myeloma is caused when your body makes too many of a certain blood cell, called a "plasma cell." When this happens, the abnormal plasma cells group together and form tumors. They kill the bone cells around them and keep other blood cells from being made that your body needs. What Are The Symptoms Of Multiple Myeloma? The symptoms of multiple myeloma include: Bone pain, especially in the back, ribs and hips Frequent bone fractures Constipation and/or increased urination Weakness and fatigue Feelings of confusion What Causes Multiple Myeloma? The cause of multiple myeloma is currently unknown. This cancer usually occurs in people older than 60 years of age. It is slightly more common in men than in women. It can often run in families. Multiple myeloma is also more common in blacks than in whites. Some studies suggest that workers in agriculture or petroleum-based industries may be at greater risk due to exposure to chemicals. Corky www.racersandranchers.com BRC Member # 34313 AMA # 199311 Charter Life Member "Keep The Rubberside Down"
  5. oldfiredude

    2006 Xt 225

    Oop's not paying attention!!!!!!!!!! That must be the power feed. Duh
  6. oldfiredude

    2006 Xt 225

    Well done deej is the single cable throtle part of the heated grips? Who makes the brush guards? Never, Never mention that four letter word again! "WORK"
  7. oldfiredude

    2006 Xt 225

    After purchasing many Japanese motorcycles, more than I can count, over the last 40+ years, I haven't experienced one like the XT, I have purchased them in the crate (which you can't do anymore) and assembled I know full well what a dealer has to do to set up a bike, out of the crate they have been great, I could never understand how they could get a screw or bolt so damn tight and not leave a mark on it, the XT 225 did not compare to my previous bikes, this is not badmouthing the XT, I love the bike. My coments were about things a dealer never had to worry about in the past.
  8. oldfiredude

    Chinese d/s hostility?

    Looks like most of you haven't been paying attention the last few years. You need to go into most major department stores and go to the small appliance dept. pick up any American name brand product, hehco in China. Check out products in other dept'. Quite supprising to see made in China on almost everything. Try the tool dept. at Sears!! Look at the Craftsman bench grinders, shop vac's and many other items bearing the Craftsman logo. Pissed me off when I got home with my new 6" Craftsman bench grinder and saw the made in China sticker. Check out the Craftsman piece of Sh..t ATV Motorcycle Lift, Junk! Made in China. Customer reviews are horrible!! I went to Harbor Freight and bought one I knew was identical and made in China for half the price. I can buy two. Now we have Motorcycles so what!!! Where do we go from here?
  9. oldfiredude

    2006 Xt 225

    I really can't say much for Yamaha's quality control these days, the only bolts that were tight are the axel bolts!! This is a brand new bike! Went over it from one end to the other loctiting nuts, bolts,screws etc. Baja Prep!! New K-760's DOT knobies instead of the stock tires work great. I have read previous posts about weak wheels, its no wonder! I had to go around the spokes six times to get them tightened properly 1/8+ turns each time. They would have un-laced in 50 miles in Baja. I live at 7000' and the stock main jet (125) works good here a little fat but a one step hotter spark plug (DR7EA) cured that, drilled the plug and opened the air screw 1/2 turn (factory setting 1 1/8 turns) helped starting and idle. Other than above this bike is a real sweetheart not a race bike but a great single track and play bike and the button is great.
  10. oldfiredude

    mobil one sux!!!

    Just a little bit of information! Mobil has done more research in the last 35 plus years with synthetic oil than any oil manufacturer in the industry. They resolved the seal damage and many many other problems releated to early synthetic oils. I personally have run Mobil 1, 15-50 "Red Cap" in all my thumpers dating back to 1974 in my 1974-1975 XL's, Bill Bell XL440, DR's "many". Zero problems, no clutch problems, nothing, nada, zip. Thats 32 years and many uncountable thousands of dirt miles. A few years ago Mobil formulated a synthetic oil just for motorcycles, a bit more expensive but how much oil do most new 4-strokes hold. I have swiched to the MC oil after the the release of the new extended life synthetics. If you have any doubts at all about synthetic oil get out your owners manual and use the recommended oil, it's cheaper and you can change it more often. But don't blame the Mobil 1.