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  1. madmikehusky310

    snorkel removal

    Hey Jesse, I was reading your response to sjclark, I have an 05, is removal the same? Also still have stock jetting, works fine for where I ride. Will this need to change? All other mods done long ago. Thanks, Mike
  2. madmikehusky310

    Dr.Mark I am getting Surgery!

    Hi Dr. Mark, I have been chatting with gaskillkfx about this carpal tunnel surgery and first of all, wanted to express to you my personal gratitude for your involvement with this web site. I have almost duplicate symptoms and concerns that gaskill has and am wondering do the techniques differ with the patient and symptoms or more the physician and experience? Reason for the broad question, is the variances in quoted healing times anywhere from 2-8 weeks. Does this depend on the surgical procedure or the patient age/injury etc.? Thanks, Mike
  3. madmikehusky310

    Picture: The Ultimate trail tool kit.

    Nice tool kit! And great info from everyone. FYI on the tube, kenda and msr both make heavy duty tubes (big difference in thickness, small price) and if $ is no issue, go with bib mousse and say bye to flats, but $150 just for front eliminates me! That's what "juha the destroyer" uses. Also regarding the pump, genuine innovations inc makes a small pump for around $25 that does co2 and will hand inflate, very cool... Mike
  4. madmikehusky310

    Just Had Carpal Tunnel Release Today

    Hi guys, I am pretty sure I have this in both hands, bad in left, comes and goes in right. So bad that I loose feeling in both hands when I ride. I am nervous and skeptical, but want to put this behind me so I can keep on riding and improve my skills. I am a 30 year "tight and windy" trail riding vet and want at least another 20 before I kick it. I know there must be hundreds of other people with the same problem, would love to hear from them. New to TT (obviously). help, help!! Mike
  5. madmikehusky310

    WR vs. YZF

    As far as I know the diffs are the starter, the battery, flywheel, headlight, and different muffler can. Also the YZFs had titanium pegs, different cams, and different valving on the forks.
  6. madmikehusky310

    05 WR450 Thinking of Selling...

    I have an 05 that I love dearly, but was down at the Yammie dealer the other day and absolutely drooled over the 08. I have about 42 hours on my 05 with a few mods. Acerbis multiconcept handguards, Works Connection side frame guards and radiator braces, Sunline rear brake pedal (flex style), Boyesen accelerator cover, forks just overhauled (new bushings and seals by GP racing Lewiston Idaho), new sprockets, new Michelin S-12 on the rear and Kenda Carlsbad "sticky" on the front, engine is unplugged. Few scratches on plastic but plan on replacing.. What's this thing worth? I need high dollar to pay for 08. Anyone??? Thanks, Mike
  7. madmikehusky310

    Picked up 2008 TTR 110

    Great stuff man! Keep'em riding, all three of mine do, oldest daughter and two boys, nothing better for them in the world. Wish we had a nice track like yours close by. Your kid will blow you off that track in a few years... Take care, Mike
  8. madmikehusky310

    Basic question about lubing Rear Shock Absorber.

    dude, awesome postings and great pics! thanks from all the dummies out there that you've helped out! it's nice to have some plain english to help translate the info in the manuals from someone who's been there and done it..i have a question for you, do the swing arm bushings need to be pressed out? i saw a cool home made tool for this but damned if i can find the posting now... thanks for what you do! mike7633 05wr450f