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  1. That is Hilarious-she's relly good too! awesome job!
  2. Morty

    Any old/slow guys riding the WR450F?

    The bike is actually quite easy to ride and it'll get yer blood pumping!
  3. Well thanks alot I will have to have a look at those . I agree the up and forward is a lot easier to stand up and ride as well as it seems to change the way the bike handles-a lot easier to lift the front wheel and stay in control, thanks. made the ole DR wake up thats for sure!
  4. Thanks, I had a sneeky suspicion it wasnt going to work.......Not without new cables.....thanks alot for the reply.
  5. 2007 WR450f anyone fit Rox risers for a 1-1/8 bar with 2-1/4 inch rise? If so do the stock cables fit or is there any fitting issues? I searched the Riser threads and lots of people like them but I saw no bike specific fitting reviews. Thanks for your help, Morty.
  6. Morty

    IMS tank on 07 WR450

    Your such a tease! I really like the way that tank looks and extra fuel to boot! no farting around with shrouds and petcocks that are backwards!
  7. Morty

    IMS tank on 07 WR450

    Pics please!
  8. Morty

    Show me your dual sported WR....

    I like it how was the package to install, directions get you hooked up? how does your batter like the extra load, still charge OK? thanks for the info man! very simple clean look.
  9. Morty

    Show me your dual sported WR....

    I also have a 2007 wr450f and I love the plate/rear signal holder you put on yours, where did you get it,?I got myself the same rear rack also nice piece. I laid my bike down last weekend on some ice and not a scratch
  10. Morty

    '07 Rear Suspension Grease

    Helps if you ride in wet areas to use water proof grease.
  11. Not a matter of if, but only when....hope he doesnt have any family that will miss him or will have to wipe his bum and feed him when he gets hurt......Selfish.
  12. Morty

    Where did you ride your WR today

    well it looks like i'm taking the bike!! thanks for the photo show that was awesome! I guess you dont go into the bushes around those parts heh?
  13. Morty

    Anyone know how to take this off??

    what have you done?....
  14. Morty

    Where did you ride your WR today

    Any good riding areas around Mesa? My dad lives there and he wants me to visit......