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  1. Did the starter get 12V when you push the button? Check power at the button, the relay or motor.
  2. Yes it should fit. It may require minor modifications.
  3. Stock gearing is ok for around-town use but I use 14/47 for trails and light off-road duty.
  4. Permanently disable it. It's a pain and serves no real good purpose.
  5. I like the grunt with the 14/47.
  6. Good luck and welcome back. Hope you get a chance to ride soon.
  7. I had the same issue here. Re-jetting fixed my problem.
  8. I'm in PA and have a bunch of mods. My suggestion is to find a small-town mechanic and inspect there. I've had good luck here in SW PA.
  9. 26 posts and I'm still a newbie. Arrrgh.
  10. I'd change your gearing or buy an aftermarket cover/guard.
  11. Yup. Disconnect the kickstart switch. That thing has been a problem for years.
  12. If it's lightly used (3000-4000 miles) with lots of aftermarket parts (bars, armor, exhaust, lights, etc) and all of the original plastic, lights and parts? Thanks, Adam
  13. I check my coolant level at operating temp and make sure that there's a little in the overflow.
  14. I've been running dedicated knobbies but want to spend a little more time on back roads, etc. Can anyone suggest a set of DOT tires with a good balance of on and off-road performance? Thanks, Adam