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    Gear bag lost at Belfair Car Wash on 1/30

    Well...there is a very good ending to this story. After a day of trying, I finally figured out a way to reach the car wash owner. It seems the phone book listing is wrong and it was only through a series of calls to other local businesses that I was able to find who to contact. So...with the right number i hand, I just called him and...HE HAD FOUND THE BAG YESTERDAY and was trying to find me. I didn't have a luggage tag on the bag (another stupid move on my part), but I did have a small package from Alpinestar that had some replacement boot parts...and my name. So...people aren't naturally bad, in fact the opposite. I'm just an airhead -- who has now learned some valuable lessons, including to stick my damn gear bag in the cab of the truck when washing the bike. Thanks for the kind words and suggestions. Mark.
  2. kramsetac

    Gear bag lost at Belfair Car Wash on 1/30

    Mason County Sheriff says...I'm screwed. Knew it, but now I have a case number to prove it.
  3. kramsetac

    Gear bag lost at Belfair Car Wash on 1/30

    I left a message for the car wash, but am not hopeful. While I screwed up, it dims my view of people's inherit honesty. Mark.
  4. Well, after a great day of riding at Tahuya, I stopped to spray off my bike at the Belfair coin-op car wash, then catch dinner at Mac D's. Unfortunately, in my fatigued state, I drove off and left my gear bag at the car wash. I had a friend in the area (highmarker) drive back to see if it was still there, but nope. Somebody grabbed it. Stupid me for driving off without it, but man its going to hurt replacing all of the gear, in particular a very expensive prescription knee brace. Included in the bag (an Ogio) were Tech 8 boots, several dirty jerseys and socks, and Shoei helmet and a 661 pressure suit. And the CTI brace. Its a long shot here, but please let me know if you found his or know who might have it.... Cheers. Mark.
  5. kramsetac

    Welding in Seattle

    Jeff -- That would be fantastic if you could help me out. I'll send you a PM. Thanks! Mark.
  6. kramsetac

    Welding in Seattle

    Greetings. I have a cracked muffler mount on my Husqvarna (06 TE250). I'm fairly new (returning) to riding and dont have a lead on a good aluminum welder in the Seattle area. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I want to ride at Tahuya this coming weekend, so need to get it fixed in the next couple of days. Chao. Mark.
  7. kramsetac

    Anyone used Motoplactics recently?

    I just received an entire kit from him. He was very prompt to respond to my emails regarding pricing and color selection. Cheers. Mark '06 TE300 Seattle
  8. kramsetac

    Iron Butt 150 - Are you coming?

    I'm coming with Danny.
  9. kramsetac

    2008 Iron Butt 150 - Time to start making arrangements

    Greetings. I'd like to join in on the fun. I've ridden a bunch with Danny and Rob. Would like to check out the green dot area and get sore butt. I've got a Husky TE300 with a 3.4g IMS tank and a few MSR bottles. 100+ mile range. Cheers.
  10. kramsetac

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    Software VP at a big ass bank.
  11. kramsetac

    Instrument Lights Inop

    With the the schematic in the Owner's Manual, a magnifying glass, and an Italian-English dictionary I created the below matrix documenting the wires coming into an '06 TE Computer: Unfortunately, all feeds were working as expected, meaning that my indicator light issue is internal to the stock computer. Given that the LCD works, I guess I'll live without the indicator lights for a while. My other choices are a new stock unit (expensive) or rewiring for a Trailtech Vapor/Dash. Anyone know the cost of a stock computer? A Vapor and the accompanying dash will be about $160. Cheers.
  12. kramsetac

    Instrument Lights Inop

    Greetings. Back in December I picked up a used '06 TE250. Unfortunately, there was a lot of little electrical issues I've had to fix -- Intermittent e-start problems (clutch lockout had backed out of the lever housing), Brake light always on (front switch needed to be shimmed), low beam out (loose contact). The one I am now working on is a bit more complex: while the LCD works on the instrument panel, none of the indicator lights work: neutral, turn signals, high beam, or backlighting on the panel. It seems this would be a problem with a master power wire going to the panel, or perhaps a ground wire. But...wouldn't this also prevent the LCD from displaying correctly? Anyone had similar issues and can advise on where to look first? Cheers. Mark.
  13. kramsetac

    Washington state Husky riders!

    Long time listener, first time caller. '06 TE300. Live in Greenlake, ride Tayuha this time of year. Mattawa Poker Run this Sunday. All over when the weather is warmer. Mark. '06 TE250 '03 VFR '00 KLR