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  1. rideawn

    2017 FE 501 Exhaust End Cap Removal

    I removed the entire silencer in order to remove the screens so no shrapnel would fall down the exhaust. My end cap refused to come out and I didn't want to risk any damage by getting more aggressive.
  2. rideawn

    Best Radiator Gaurds/Braces 2017 fe501?

    Top of the EE braces push on the 2017 shrouds really badly and make white plastic stress marks. I think there will be retool v2 type coming. Went to Bullet Proof and they are great
  3. I'm of the opinion the mfg is under some pressures to disseminate certain information to dealers towards gaining support for the so called standards they delivered. I had some techs from one dealer just come back from a training class and being told by the mfg reps that the reed box actually improves the bottom end power delivery and torque. While there are certain limited perspectives where that may be true, by and far it is in a very small set of use cases.
  4. My $0.02 is gear it to 13x48, remove the double screens from the end of the exhaust and ride it. Maybe tire change. Decide from there. I'm a firm believer in adding guards that will prevent breakage where you may have to walk home. Like radiator braces and full coverage skid plates if doing technical trails.
  5. [emoji106] absolutely agree. I'm 97% trail so I'll wait for further seat - pants analysis
  6. If my next trail test leaves me wanting more my plan is to change to a 13t on the front sprocket. That should make plenty of bottom and I'll still be on the stock chain.
  7. I am using this setup and a 14x48 sprocket combination. I don't have trail time since the "idle adjustment" but a few street miles suggest a major difference.
  8. I had a conversation and the window has closed in N NV. Hopefully folks will see this and search alternative means for improved fueling so good people and supportive businesses are not impacted.
  9. Is this what is being talked about that can be completely disconnected, electrical connection and all once the EU map is loaded? I can't wait to get rid of this mud catcher!
  10. and don't remove your reeds without the tube being developed otherwise the intake could pinch closed
  11. Thanks, please report back when you can. I have the stock exhaust screen removed but have not done TPS yet. I'm curious if the TPS adjustment will get me to where I want to be or whether I will need to do mapping. I'm hoping for my applications, a moderate TPS adjustment will end the flame outs and fatten the bottom of the power and throttle response a tad.
  12. With stock bike except for emissions stuff removal (not including intake reed), is the popping anyone is experiencing of the airbox pop flame-out type? I had two of these while riding yesterday. One was while crossing some large woops. Thank goodness for the Rekluse allowing the bike to roll as if in neutral otherwise I would have been over the bars.
  13. rideawn

    2017 FE501 arrived in the U.S.

    I saw a post (and can't relocate) about the bottom of the plastic number plate on the right side of the bike melting. Has anyone experienced this and spoken to their dealer about it? Mine started to melt on the first ride yesterday
  14. rideawn

    Where did you go on your 350 or 501 today?

    On Any Sunday in Northern NV