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  1. You know what its not lacking info its just hard as hell to find...I found Bronco78's FCR install thread today I can't tell you how many times I have tried to find pics of the FCR jets. On the car forums you break it down to body, susp, engine, turbo...its alot easier when you are only searching one area of a vehicle. Here I search FCR and get a thread about handlebars??? Also 90% of the time I am posting from a cell phone so everything adds up to being a pita. And to answer what have I contributed? ...not much of anything here. I am into my cars and do more one off projects that I share for others. My bike is really just for commuting and tooling around, everything I have done has been done many times before and there is no need to clutter up these boards worse.
  2. With a thinner DJ needle the stock 142ish jet works quite nicely...
  3. I was running a Dyno Jet stage 1 for the 3x3 and slip-on, but after the head pipe I am using a stock main jet and 25 pilot jet I think. Bike runs ok it may be a bit to rich if anything. I have read the installs and how-to's around but there are so many so I never know if its the same stuff over again. I am serious on the car forums if you posted a how-to like some of these people would kill you. I am refering to the ones written as one paragraph and have no pictures and things like that. If anyone knows where I can get a detailed description of the FCR jets I would love to see it and learn about how this carb works and why it needs to be modified to work on the DRZ.
  4. I am re-jetted so I guess I mean re-re-re-jetted now. The FCR threads suck. They don't explain how the carb works. People say mods and elevation and someone tells them what jets to run. I want to know how the damn thing works so I can tune it in myself. I have held off on getting it just because I feel the "how to" info here is lacking.
  5. In order of importance to me at the moment; 1) On a stock carb, I cut the slip-on Yosh muffler down in size. I removed 4" of baffle and case length. I also have 3x3 and modded "E" aftermarket head pipe. Do I have to re-jet the bike again? 2) Can I get an Athena BB 440 kit with a stock carb to run right and still make power? 3) Does the TT FCR MX 39 kit come set up to run out of the box (Jets, o-ring mods, taffy mods, needles, fuel screw)? Does it come with good directions on how to set the carb up? If not is there an accurate pictograph of all of these different jets and AP thingys on the FCR MX 39? This carb seems so complex I don't want to touch it.
  6. Are the side panels avalible alone from Suzuki? It seems like you guys are saying that is a kit from them right. I also really like that pipe but $1100 is steep.
  7. Bump...Are Athena kits on ebay to be avoided for any reason?
  8. So I have read about the wrong FCR's and non rebuildable ones so that is coming from the TTstore when I pull the trigger, but is there a good reason to not buy an Athena big bore kit on ebay if its in the box still?
  9. HAHA so true! Do they sell the jet kit with all of them for a reasonable price. My buddys KTM 450 has this carb and he got it so probably the same thing right?
  10. Will the TT store FCR need to be rejetted for my mods? Carb comes standard with the following: - 200 Main Air Jet - 160 Main Jet - 45 Pilot Jet - 100 Pliot Air Jet - EMR or EMS Needle
  11. First you need to know what I have: 2006 DRZ-400, 3x3, Jetted, FMF power bomb "E" headpipe, Yoshi "S" slip-on un-corked. I have gone from 155lbs to 185lbs over the last 2 1/2 years and the DRZ is feeling a bit slugish with my highway gears installed now(15/38). What do I do now? Switch to a true full Yoshi RS-3 system?(I hate the idea of rebuying parts) FCR-mx39? Porting, oversized valves and cams? (can a stock carb handle this on a stock bore 400?) Athena 440 big bore kit? (will this run with out an FCR and head porting?) 470cc kits? (do these require head work, valves, cams and the FCR 41?)
  12. Hey was that you on 208 today? On my way to and from work I saw the same yellow/black drz.
  13. Trailer??? Truck??? whats that? Both of my wheels have never left the ground at the same time. Its cool, I'll shoot the shit with you tomorrow am! Of course it is 140 am and I just wallked in the door!
  14. I live in dumont so it is an hour and 15 to get to the chatterbox atleast. If you guys live further east and south of there I can meet up easier without going that much further out of the way.
  15. Im gunna try it. It is a far ride north for me too. These bikes aren't that comfy compaired to my bed.