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  1. brokr4u

    CRF450X with Boyesen Quick Shot

    Has anyone had any experience with adding a Boyesen Quick Shot accelerator pump cover on a CRF450X?? Does it make a difference? Is it worth the $$ on this bike?
  2. brokr4u

    Jetting with no other mods

    The baffel mod you did-is that drilling out the end of it? Did you put the Boyesen Quick shot accelerator pump cover on too?
  3. brokr4u

    How to LOWER suspension

    So. Cal. Why?
  4. Don't laugh, but I want to lower the suspension(front and rear) for my daughter on a Yamaha TTR125L. Any suggestions?
  5. I have a brand new 250x and I think I need to adjust the rear suspension for my weight. Owners manual says it comes set for a 150 lb. rider. At 200 lbs. how do I adjust and how much do I adjust the rear spring?