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  1. sickmick

    $3200 OTD for an 04 RMZ250, worth it?

    i got an 04' with boysen water pump and its perfectly fine i love it
  2. sickmick

    is this rmz any good?

    yeh just keep up the maintenance on it and u will b fine, check the vavles often and make sure they r ok within the spec and all will b good.
  3. sickmick

    is this rmz any good?

    nah bike had all the mods done to it when i got it, ive had no issues at all with the bike i love it.
  4. sickmick

    is this rmz any good?

    looks allright man, i paid $5500 for mine in aus have a look in my garage if u wanna compare
  5. crazy pix, looks like an awesome rider
  6. sickmick


    calm down man, not the end of the world that he posted it in the wrong section
  7. sickmick

    Help with 04 RM-Z 250

    not sure about ur valve probs but congrats on gettin the bike back, i have had afew bikes taken and have never seen them again.
  8. sickmick

    NeW Riding ViD!

    awesome vid, awesome whips, looked like he killed his arm
  9. sickmick

    some sick riding pics

    good pics i rekon, looked mad
  10. sickmick

    video song im looking for

    the song is Goldfrapp - strict machine, let me know if its the 1 ur after
  11. sickmick

    berik/carmichael bus

    damn thats sweet as, where would ya park it tho?
  12. sickmick

    Out For The Season

    lmao that got me crakin up
  13. sickmick

    wheelie by misstake

    haha damn he woulda had a awesome start if it wasn for that
  14. sickmick

    This Is How You Load Your Bike

    haha absolutely hilarious