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  1. spasm

    07 Yz450 Header Pipe Question

    Couldnt be bother with all the stuffing around, went and bought materials and made one. $40 header. and imho will work real well.
  2. spasm

    07 Yz450 Header Pipe Question

    Yep, thats mate. I just found that info, however - as this is designed to work with the GYT-R can, i was thinking perhaps the can has the bigger mid pipe ID?
  3. spasm

    07 Yz450 Header Pipe Question

    Yep, i know it says only GYT-R pipe, however it has the step in the pipe just like the 07 factory header does. The bend looks right - its just a question if the mid pipe diameter is the same as stock pipe?
  4. Ive got a 07 yz450 - which ive now smashed 2 x TI header pipes on. Yep, i ride aggressive thru the woods. My question... will a GYT-5TA93-50-00 - 2003-2005 Stainless header pipe fit onto the 07, and slide into the rear can? It looks as if it will, but i cant be sure andi cant get a pipe to try.
  5. spasm

    recall 06 australia its offical

    ive done 1400km so far on new rings
  6. spasm


    My Wr250F, with Yz Cam, Hi comp piston, Fully tuned on the dyno wheels of 33HP - at 29deg C tho, and 85% Humidity. I was told a Spanker KX250F with pipe wont make these numbers! (in Oz anyhow)
  7. spasm

    DRZ400 or WR250

    My best mate rides a DRZ400E, in Australia so it has the 39mm kehien carb, desrticted, jetted, and runs an aftermarket White bros exhaust. I ride a Wr250F, Yz Cammed, Stainless Valves, Grey mod, Airbox, Yz400pipe im 86kg, he's 100kg. Side by side in a drag race i munch him till about 130km/h and then he slowly wheels me in at about 140km where i run outta rpm, he get to about 143kmh before he's over. thru the bush, my wr250 easily out accelerates then DR-Z from corners etc. And he's a more experienced rider then myself. The beauty of the 400, is being able to chug up hills... unlike a wr250
  8. i have nothing but hanging idle issues with the ACV enabled. disable and its perfect, and the bike has been correctly jetted on a dyno
  9. spasm

    WR vs YZ Carb

    Matty, How did u go about disable ACV, im in the middle of it now, and it defiently makes a good difference. I just dont know to block the vacuum source so its always using the extra circuit, or if i should flip the valve over and leave the circuit closed and just wind the fuel screw out a little to compensate? My concern is, will it change the rest of the jetting - as its currently spot on with the ACV - except varying idle
  10. spasm

    Should I buy it?

    or just slide a 03 exhaust cam in :S
  11. spasm

    Technical Pilot Question

    yer 170 is stock, its been run up on a dyno tho, and mixtures are fine... it pulls hard as fast right to the limiter
  12. spasm

    Technical Pilot Question

    valves are perfectly in spec, as they'd wanna be, only 1 month old, fresh seats cut and new valves. i just ran the bike then at idle for 5 mins, and pulled the brand new plug put in prior to starting, it didnt even have a mark on it! no soot, nothing! I take it, if anything its still slighltly lean... i dropped the clip on the needle to richen up the mid area - but now its spluttery in that area... only had a tiny splutter before.. so im guess i need to go a titch leaner on the needle too....
  13. Ive got a Wr250, Yz auto Decomp cam, high comp piston, stainless valves, ported head etc. Jetting Main 150 Needle Stock on 4th clip Pilot 45 (2 1/4 turns out) stock PAJ Leak 40 Ive finally sorted the Fuel screw to get the bike to stop hanging at idle - but only just - occasionally hangs Now my new problem, to get it to fall back to idle the idle has to be set pretty low.. i reckon 1200-1300rpm'ish.. if i try and give it a little more idle rpm (which i need for how i ride), slightest touch on idle screw and the rpm's jump a mile and begin to hang again. Could it be that my pilot is too small, and my idle screw wound in so far that it is causing a big lean condition with a slight bit more opening?? Should i be looking at a smaller Pilot and closing the idle up slightly???
  14. spasm

    Idle and Low Throttle Problem.

    cheers guys, i seem to have cured the hanging idle with 2 1/4 turns out, just hope it fixes the surges when at low throttle openin