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    Instructor scolding for riding "foot out"

    yes Nicky is doing pretty good, even with his "sportbike" style ... but I had this exact discution with pro pilotes coming to supermoto once in a while, they all say that it's not always the best position (but there are so used to it they keep it this way). Just look at the others (Biaggi, Rossi... Dymond ...etc) that ride supermoto sometimes... The biggest difference between a sportbike and a supermoto is the way it brakes: Supermoto allows you to brake a lot closer to the curse, on many narrow curves you just turn like on dirt : hard brake, fast turn and full gazzz ... as with a sportbike (heavier and much more powerfull) you have to cool things up if you don't want to do a 360° ! But in a way your instructor has a good point, exactly like in MX racing your feet HAVE to be on both pegs AS SOON HAS POSSIBLE !!! Bracking: you want to keep both feet on the peg as long as posible to control the bike more accuratly. Gazz: well, more power you transmit verticaly to the bike, more grip you'll have on the track, so as soon as you can, you put you feet back on the peg and put pressure on both !
  2. Blitz 17pouces

    French Video "Supermoto French Connection" soon available !!

    NO no, It should be available at the end of december (in France). I spoke with Stephane and apparently the Dvd should be distribute by Supermoto Racer magazine for the US.
  3. Blitz 17pouces

    Instructor scolding for riding "foot out"

    "It is a solid advice" when you prepared your bike as a roadonly racing bike ... suspensions hard at the max ... Try to keep both of your feet on the pegs while taking a narrow curve on a supermoto (with normal settings = for both dirt & track) and eather you'll look like a turkey, trying to keep a "race bike" postion (and lose speed also) or you'll have no choice, the pegs being ON the track your feet will not be on it (or it's your ass, that will be on the track ) Of course when practicing on a fast roadracing track, well I guess you should be as your told (but In europe we don't race on these types off track .. it's not good for the motors and pretty boring for the pilote...)
  4. A friend of our, Stephane Caut (aka Titeuf) is completing a dvd for supermoto lovers... He came on a few AMA races this year to shoot your US stars and follow our two french Husky riders Alex Thiebault and David Baffleuf. I dont know if and how the DVD will be available for the US, but you came still see the Teaser on www.17pouces.net -> http://www.17pouces.net/spip.php?article134 (I kow, i know, the web site is in french... I'mworking on a english version soon for 2007)