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  1. MikeB_SM610S

    After-Market Parts for Husqvarna

    Craig at Moto Plastics US .com (all one word) is the US distributer. Mike
  2. MikeB_SM610S

    New Goodies

    Hey Uber, will the Suter fit the new model 610 (2005-2007)? Where did you get it? Mike
  3. MikeB_SM610S

    06 TE610 Footpegs and Front Disc Pro.

    nothing listed for Husky on their website...
  4. MikeB_SM610S

    Do I really need to use 10w60 oil????

    +1 -- I use Motorex 10w60. I get in 4L bottles.
  5. MikeB_SM610S

    Seat Cover Installation

    I got an N-STYLE gripper seat cover. What is the best way to install it? The original cover was stapled and glued. I have a heavy duty stapler but it doesn't seem to be powerful enough to drive the staples completely into the plastic seat pan Thanks, Mike
  6. MikeB_SM610S

    06 TE610 Footpegs and Front Disc Pro.

  7. Yeah, what kind of Husky Accessories do they have in stock? I got a bad habit of buying stuff I don't need
  8. MikeB_SM610S

    Electrical Plugs

    Hah, Radio Shack! Who would of thought it Thanks, Mike
  9. MikeB_SM610S

    Electrical Plugs

    Anybody know where to buy automotive type electrical plugs. Like the ones used to connect a tail light or head light to the main wiring harness? Doesn't have to be oem, just a generic multi-pin connector. Thanks, Mike
  10. MikeB_SM610S

    SM On The Freeway - 80+ MPH Steering Wobble

    I have that wobble with Maxxis Goldspeeds. Didn't have it with Dunlops... Mike
  11. MikeB_SM610S

    07 TE610 rear rack install

    I have an unused rack from my 06 610, never installed. Best offer takes it + $10 bucks for shipping. PM me if you are interested. The support does not come with it. PayPal only. Mike
  12. MikeB_SM610S

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Very nice, love that exhaust
  13. MikeB_SM610S

    How Tall Are TE Riders?

    6'2" on an SM610...
  14. MikeB_SM610S

    TE610 headlight bulb

    I should have known so, he's got it all... Thanks, Mike
  15. MikeB_SM610S

    TE610 headlight bulb

    Anybody find a 55/55 watt light to replace the 35/35 watt oem bulb? Thanks, Mike