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  1. Craig at Moto Plastics US .com (all one word) is the US distributer. Mike
  2. Hey Uber, will the Suter fit the new model 610 (2005-2007)? Where did you get it? Mike
  3. nothing listed for Husky on their website...
  4. +1 -- I use Motorex 10w60. I get in 4L bottles.
  5. I got an N-STYLE gripper seat cover. What is the best way to install it? The original cover was stapled and glued. I have a heavy duty stapler but it doesn't seem to be powerful enough to drive the staples completely into the plastic seat pan Thanks, Mike
  6. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=469972
  7. Yeah, what kind of Husky Accessories do they have in stock? I got a bad habit of buying stuff I don't need
  8. Hah, Radio Shack! Who would of thought it Thanks, Mike
  9. Anybody know where to buy automotive type electrical plugs. Like the ones used to connect a tail light or head light to the main wiring harness? Doesn't have to be oem, just a generic multi-pin connector. Thanks, Mike
  10. I have that wobble with Maxxis Goldspeeds. Didn't have it with Dunlops... Mike
  11. I have an unused rack from my 06 610, never installed. Best offer takes it + $10 bucks for shipping. PM me if you are interested. The support does not come with it. PayPal only. Mike
  12. Very nice, love that exhaust
  13. 6'2" on an SM610...
  14. I should have known so, he's got it all... Thanks, Mike
  15. Anybody find a 55/55 watt light to replace the 35/35 watt oem bulb? Thanks, Mike