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    NEED HELP 06 YZ450 strange problem

    Before doing anything too drastic, I would check to make sure your gas cap is venting correctly. Try taking the cap off and starting it. Also check for restrictions in your fuel line. It sounds like a possibility of fuel getting into the carb too slowly.
  2. YZBrian

    Good/Easy video editing software

    Thanks a lot for all of the help. The videos that were posted here were really good and I would be happy to put something like that together. Power Director is supposed to do a lot of cool things, but I can't seem to get it to work. When I try to import the file (or sometimes when when I try to do anything with it after importing it), the program errors and shuts down. One of you said that the file should not be in AVI format to edit it, but that is what the GoPro Helmet cam puts the file in. Should I convert the file to another format and try again or should I give up on Power Director? Thanks again for all the help.
  3. Does anyone have experience with video editing? What software do you use? I tried CyberLink Power Director and every time I try editing an AVI file, it encounters an error and shuts down. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. I got one for Christmas too. I tried recording without the sd card and the same thing happened. Once I got the sd card, it worked fine.