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  1. My 03 starts within the first couple kicks even when it's been sitting in the garage for a couple of weeks. Several of the nights have been in the negatives as well.
  2. +1 for Rotella 15w40 on both sides. I change every 3 rides or so. Like fiveboyces mentioned, they like frequent oil changes and the stuff is cheap (as far as oil is concerned). Rotella has robust additive package and will protect your engine well.
  3. Odd, a guy that fixed my gun is named Jeff Patterson and he lives up north?
  4. I'm up near Brighton / Ft. Lupton and I'm looking for a good bike Mechanic up on this part of town. I need some work done on my 03' CRF450R (Fork seals & valve check/adjust). Can anyone suggest anyone for this? Thanks.
  5. PM'd you
  6. Where are you guys building this complex at in CO?
  7. only after you tell us which one you picked...
  8. I dig the looks of it! That bike looks like it will be bada$$. If my YZF426 will ever die, i'll for sure get one of these...or the bigger one
  9. Go over there with $2000 cash. I bought my 01' YZF426 for $2000 cash and is has a new white brothers carbon pipe, subtanks and the valves were just checked and they are perfect.
  10. you don't, you link it...
  11. Honda

    here is pic to an 86' TRX250r http://www.files.3wheelerworld.com/readersrigs/86TRX250R.jpg an 86' TRX250 4x4 http://ironriversports.com/images/ironriversports/VP69978_1.jpg
  12. Honda

    This gets more interesting every minute I do appreciate all the feedback regardless if it's positive or negative.
  13. Honda

    I read somewhere that the zinc & phosphorous would not be changed by this new rating. Anyhow, thanks everyone for the input.
  14. Damn! Thats a super clean bike! Very nice!