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  1. I bought my son a Pro-Circuit head pipe for his CR-80 he also has the R-304 on it,I haven't installed the head pipe yet and was wondering if I will have to re-jet I've only delt with 4-stroke in the past not sure about a 2-stroke if I do need to re-jet will I have to go up or down in size?Or could I just adjust the air/fuel mix.
  2. BCTowery

    CR80 seat height

    Just an update, He is still not comfortable enough to ride it and have fun he says its still to tall for him, well just last nite I found a DEVOL lowering kit on e-bay and I got it for just $10 bucks. When I get it installed I hope he can enjoy it more.I'll let ya'll know how it goes.
  3. I just bought me a bike and it has a BIgGun exhaust on it, the guy gave me the Vortex insert and a spark arrester but its not installed what does the vortex insert do??? Does it quiet it down, give it more power or what?? It is also jetted with the JD jet kit if I install the insert will I need to change anything?BTW its a KTM 450 EXC 2004
  4. BCTowery

    Xr 100 ??

    Thanks, do you know anywhere that has factory graphics.
  5. BCTowery

    Xr 100 ??

    1995-2000 or 1985-2000??? will a 1989 tank fit on a 1985
  6. BCTowery

    Xr 100 ??

    I have a 1985 XR 100 in pretty good shape all but the gas tank, could someone tell me what years inner change I found a pretty nice tank on e-bay for a 1989 model it looks the same but not sure if it is.
  7. BCTowery

    Power coated expansion chamber??

    OK just a thought..
  8. Has anyone ever did this?? Is this possible??? I have a friend who powder coats and I thought about having him do the head pipe. HOT PINK not really thinking silver or black.I'm gonna get him a shiny FMF,or Pro-Circuit soon just wanting to try something new.
  9. BCTowery

    Clutch Replacement

    I installed the clutch today,about 45 min. and 1 cold one got the job done, thanks for the help,everyone.BTW I didn't drain the coolant just pulled the hoses off the water pump and lost very little, topped it off and the kid ripped the yard up!!!
  10. BCTowery

    Clutch Replacement

    KOOL Thanks,Tdub this will be an easy job.
  11. BCTowery

    Clutch Replacement

    The way it looks I think I will have to drain the coolant,I also read is another thread about removing the water pump nut,will I have to do that before the cover will come off.I have a manual on order but looking for some quicker advise.
  12. BCTowery

    Clutch Replacement

    I've searched and can't find what I'm looking for... I'm gonna replace the clutch disk in my kids bike it's a 2001 CR80 anyways do I have to drain the coolant or can I just pop the cover off I'm planning on changing the oil so I'm goona drain that but confused about the coolant.
  13. BCTowery

    lowering kit?

    Awesome looking bike!!
  14. BCTowery

    lowering kit?

    Tdub,I understand your point of view and maybe I took your advise the wrong way I was ranting like you I do belive in safety and want the best for my son but like I said before I spend 100's of $$$$ on suspension I want to make sure he is ready for racing right now he is not, he's having fun. BTW I'm still considering trimming the seat.He says its to hard so maybe I can get some softer foam and it will sink down for him.
  15. BCTowery

    lowering kit?

    I checked the sag today with a borrowed sag setter and after minor adjustment (one turn back down) it is set at 87mm not perfect but close enough I don't think it is hazzardous I will soon set it up better for him but for now he is happy with the seat height.