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    Ford Bronco's

    I say go with the classic 66-77. I had a 70 with a 302, it would climb anything and go anywhere, felt like you could get the front end off the ground in first! Many of them were stock with a 3 on the tree, easy to convert to the floor but the linkage is a pain to re-route. If you go with a later model definitely go manual hubs. Also, the 302 is much easier to find parts for. Stay away fromt the bronco II, the back windows are a pain in the ass if you need to replace them. -D
  2. BigDFresh

    O ring for jet kit

    Thanks James. I'm going to give it another try today. One more question, any need to adjust the pilot screw? I've got the 155 jet, red needle 4th clip position and ride 3,000-6,000 ft. Thanks!
  3. I'm putting in the jet kit and am having a hell of a time with the O ring. Is it necessary. Is it behind the black cover where both throttle cables ar attached? I have a 2006 crf250x.