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  1. hateITP

    XR650L,KLR650,or DR650 ?

    thanks 4 the info !!
  2. Just looking for some info on these bikes, I will be riding about 50 miles a day 5 days a week (some freeway some side streets) ,and will be in the dirt maybe 20%. which is better suited for the street, are any of these capable of say 100,000 miles without any major trouble, and what about maintance (oil changes etc.) I know I should get a pure street bike (wanted Triumph speed triple) but the wife thinks its to race and I would die in some cayon somewhere. Just because I wrecked my 98 gixxer 750 at a 115 mph in a canyon doesnt mean I going to eat sh t again ??? The only other type of bike I want to ride on the road is a pimped out chopper or a DS!!!! Sorry for any bad spelling 04 WR450(just 4 dirt) 91 CR500 05 YFZ450 05 CRF150(wifes) 98 Z50
  3. I have an 05 yfz450,I ride mostly desert and fire roads, but the stock suspension (front) is brutal through the rough bumps, rock etc. it is beating the out me and I cant take anymore, does the elka shocks etc make the difference, do any of you have these and ride similar terrain thanks, hateITP
  4. hateITP

    Yamaha yfz450/alingment ?

    What is the best way to set the front alingment,toe in or out or straight. And how do you measure and set it?