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  1. Hey Guys, i just mounted the fan on my new FX and took it out for a ride. I mounted it and plugged it in the existing wires. I was amazed how easy and clean the install was. However after the first ride the fan never came on. I am assuming there is a fuse or something i need to add? or does anyone know if the fan is already prewired with thermostat and fuse? Thanks
  2. toytime

    Fan install on 250FX, fuse required?

    ok thanks guys, there is a good chance it never got it hot enough but before i tested the idea of "overheating" i thought would just make sure i didn't miss a step on install. Thanx again!
  3. toytime

    info on 525 07

    i just bought a brand new 07 525 exc and need to do a few mods. I need to know about making it run cooler. Ie how to remove some of the exhaust restriction,or some of the other emmisions garbage that restricts the bike. (i think i am comfortable with new jetting but any advice would be great, i ride between 5k and 8k feet). Also planning to run 13 50 gearing and it appears enough people run this with good results, but any feedback would be cool. And what mods do i need to do. What about valves are they an easy task and who has a link to a well laid out step by step instruction. Thanx Ps i read through 18 pages of forums to try and find answers but there is over 500 so i thought i would just start a new post.
  4. toytime

    info on 525 07

    i read this "07EXC to run right must have a Canisterectomy or a Stealth Canister disablement!!!" what does that entail?
  5. toytime

    drilling out pipe?

    Hey i have read some guys drilled out the exhaust baffle rather than removing it. what exactly is done to drill this. I did the airbox and jetting mods but find the bike a bit loud now so i thought this may be a good comprimise. any feed back would be appreciated.