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  1. eth espell chekor iz a nyce thynge ta use
  2. riding on the roads? backyard jumps? i would probably get it if i wasnt selling mine and getting a ssr 125
  3. Yeah there should be oil in there! If there was oil in the flywheel it would shoot out the cover, as far as i know most of the pitbikes dont have gaskets there? Well mine dosent anyway
  4. the floats on pitbikes always seem to mess the carb up. Mines always too open or too shut
  5. Im not saying the pitster is the best bike out there. Ive had experience with one and it has been great. Its not just all the engine, i rode a knockoff bike with a crf style frame and another with frame exactly identicle. We rode both hard and the one bikes frame outlasted the others frame by far. Looks can be decieving. If i knew for a FACT that a bike is better and cheaper than a pitster i would probably buy it. I just like them because they seem to last longer than some other knockoffs. And sometimes customer support is nice and being able to know what your looking for. I used to have a knockoff that seemed VERY identicle to the ssr 110 but turns out everything basicly sucked. T he tank pierced it own holes be my tightening the platic mount bolts too much, which that has never happened on my friends pitster. I just look for the little things. But in reality, i dont think ill ever spend that much on a play bike ( because i dont have the cash ). My cr 125 and kx500 take a THRASHING and keep on ticking. And i know for a FACT that there is every single part out there i need to fix them.
  6. Thoes are nice, but would everything last as long as a pitster? That whole thing could be made of some very cheap thin metal. And technically all pitbike are knockoff brands compared to say, honda, yamaha, kawi...
  7. My 110 engins is pretty much nothing but trouble. The carburetion is horrible, and the carb sucks. I can never get it to run right or stop the dirt from getting in there. The kick starter gear is a little sripped out and its flat out slow. And i cant find a sprocket for it. I was thinking about getting the staggs 125 racing engine with the 1000 lb mono shock? how much difference would this engine make in the speed of the bike?
  8. Im looking for some sprockets that would fit? The front shaft has 14 teeth on it where the sprocket bolts on? So if i find one would a 15t front fit on without rubbing the flywheel cover? And what ones would fit the back? The crf 50 dosent work. i already tried that
  9. i was thinking about the 125 engine, but i really dont need to be ahead of anyone? I usually just ride on my freetime and just play around on it. Right now it has 14/38 gearing and seems to have no top end at all. I can accellerate to 4th gear in 20 yards. I was thinking going 15/32. This should give me a huge increase in top speed correct? If these are about the same as my 110 3 wheeler it should reach at least 50 some.
  10. im going to order either the fmf or the yoshimura
  11. i came to the conclusion my bike is a ssr110. It has a xr50 exhaust on for some reason? It looks like there are lots of pipes that are interchangeable with it? Is there any bore kits also?
  12. What kind of bike is that? I have one just like that i got a real good deal on but have no idea what it is?