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    449/511 customers have spoken...

    I always read on here but rarely post, but I figured I might just throw my 2 cents out there on my my TC449. Got it from a dealer in Idaho...great guy, Chris at Sage Motorsports, delivered it to Utah for me (am in Colorado so he delivered it 1/2 way for free). Anyway 3rd Husky, long time rider but no superstar. Bad thing about the bike....um, Ok here is one, the throttle seemed to have some play compared to my 2008 TE450. Yeah that is about it, otherwise it is the best bike I have ever ridden - it makes me faster, ridden it 3 times now. A good buddy and Yamaha mechanic, racer and fast rider gave me a lot of shit about it, then he rode it. Guess what he wants to buy now. Anyway my 2 cents
  2. baulko

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    Test Pilot Instructor - not as exciting as you think, more scared on the TC on weekends.
  3. baulko


    Thanks guys - some good stuff to check on. Fuel, good (might clean the jets) spark is good (new plug), will check exhaust - but it does run good after a bump start, auto decomp was re-installed the same way it was - was very careful with this, have correct valve clearance. Cam timing ? no idea -will get my buddies to help on that one. thanks
  4. Hi all, Need help starting my Husky. Have a 04TC-450 (from Australia) so it has no decomp lever, I put the kickstart kit on after two years of riding - it worked fine. But a month later the bike would not start when hot, now it won't start at all unless I bump start it. The compression seems fine, I changed the valve spacing a few times up and down, I changed out that cam on the exhaust side of the valves and still no succuss. My hydraulic clutch just went so I have a new one on order (and my battery is dead - but this starting issue is what caused that - plus not buying a float charger). Anyway I am at a loss - as are my more mechanically adept buddies - and the chaps at Motoxotica so if anyone has any ideas on what I should try next (new valevs??) then please help. Like I said the compression seems fine when I do get it started, auto-decomp?? Help?
  5. baulko

    Husky MX'ers (Please Read)

    I ride a 04 TC 450 - about 50/50 MX/trail - would prefer more MX but $$$ and location see to that. Mods - I only need one mod - stronger arms and legs to hold on to that damn thing. In a previous country and time I rode this same bike 5 miles on fire trails to a sweet and usually empty MX track - lapped there for some laps and rode back home thru the bushes - that's how I got the perfect 50/50, and the TC loves both terrains.
  6. baulko

    Stupid question but I have to ask

    Thanks guys - I find that most stuff seems difficult until you ask - I just put the kickstarter kit on my bike - when I got the kit I scared the hell out of me I put off doing it for a year - then I did some research here and got good instructions from the Husky lads in Emu Plains (Australia) and did it really easy in about 2 hours. Thanks again
  7. What the hell is 'jetting' - I gather it is something to do with either the carby fuel/air mix or fuel flow but I seem to be the only one who does'nt know for sure. I have ridden my TC 450 from sea level to 8000ft (not in one day) and it all felt good to me - except for a little radiator boil. The reason I want to know is that I am moving to Colorado - summit county at 10000ft and read about these kits that allow you to adjust your jetting on the fly. So do I need to do this? What does it do for me anyway? I am mechanically able (on cars anyway), even replaced and tuned a Holley once on my 69 Riviera (RIP) - maybe we use different words for jetting where I come from?? (Australia). Anyone help a naive chap out?
  8. A friend sent this picture of a MAN Diesel 4x4 truck/RV me thru email, had a KTM on the back, what looked like a 20 inch lift (actually stock I think) - I tried to find it on Google - but no luck. Does anyone know where I can get one of these?? Not that I could even afford it but one day when the in-laws cark it I might end up with some spending cash - unless the kids really do want to go to college. Anyway it is nice to dream, and havin lived and ridden in the SW of this country this would be the sweetest way to do it, maybe with a Husky on the back instead a blue bike and some deck chairs on the roof. How the hell do you attach a picture here?!?!?!? http://www.unicat.net/en/pics/EX63HD-MANM4x4Doka-2.html try this link