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  1. I plan to keep up on maintaiance with oil, filters, and adjustments, so no problem there, I just hope the previous owner did the same. Thank you for the information Reason for the name, yes, Crazy Lil Punk is a bit of a childish name, but I began using this name on forums a few years ago, and I just continue to use it so that users from other forums I am a member of will recognize me, but, either way, flame on, its all good, I too can take a good joke.
  2. Yes, I know about the valves, I guess I stated that confusingly in my original post. I am looking for other problems also, but thanks some much for your help! Thanks for your insightful, immature, useless post. Please contribute something positive to my thread if anything. Thanks.
  3. Yes, I searched Can some one give me a list (if any) of problems to look for on the 04 crf450r motors? I am going to look at a hybrid race quad that has one of these motors in it. I hear something about valves? Please clue me in! thanks, Joe
  4. Hey guys, Just picked up a ttr90 tonight that doesnt run. It has compression, but the kicker just goes down, it doesnt engage, and it won't bumpstart either, there is nothing there, but I know it has compression because I tryed spining the clutch, and it goes so far and stops (you know what I mean), so I am going to split the cases and see whats up in there, unless you have a better idea. thanks in advance
  5. okay, thanks alot guys, and is there something to measure the oil that comes with the oil, I know its like 500mm or something that has to go in there? and regular anti-freeze, nothing special?
  6. i need help guys, please....bump
  7. hey, I have a 2004 yz85. What kind of coolant do i need to get? How much, and what kind of oil should I put in the crank case? thanks, Joe
  8. he said it starts first kick, you have me a little confused on the differnt drains though
  9. anything wrong with this year? I might be picking one up this week in a trade for my blown trx250r. Is there any things I should look for on this bike? Are these bikes any good? thanks, Joe
  10. any PA pitbike riders out there? where do you ride? and show your ride.
  11. just order an aftermarket one fcrom fast50s or something
  12. they dont fit, but they make aftermarket tank shrounds for the 70 now....
  13. i am about your height, and i am about 230lbs, i rode my 70 stock with no prob, now i have an ishock, and front forks with rods and springs, (and a buch of other stuff) and i jump and trail ride my 70, i love it.
  14. your son is one lucky boy, that is a sweet bike, whats with the fork covers? are they just for looks or are they a fuctioning product? and what fork/swinger/shock combo are you running?
  15. i thought so, lol, its cool that you are not connect to just one site