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  1. ranger520

    Pro Taper bars

  2. ranger520

    Pro Taper bars

    I'm thinking about getting some Pro Taper Windom bend bars for my 06 Yz 450F. Will these bars work with the factory cables or will the cables be to short? Next Question whats the difference between the contour and original bars. The contours are about $20 cheaper, but according to the chart they appear to be stronger. Does anyone have any suggestions.
  3. ranger520

    Crash damage

    Thanks for the replies. No its not broken, but i pulled the ligaments loose that connect it to my ribs.
  4. ranger520

    Crash damage

    While taking a warm up lap today I had a brain fart and let off the gas on the lip of a big table top. Yea I Know it was pretty stupid. Well after getting up from a major endo I hobble over to the truck and check my bike out. First thing I notice is my pro tapers are trashed, and my front tire is not lined up with my fender. At first I thought the wheel was warped but when spun it looked normal. The front fender appears straight. I loosened up the triple clamps and was able to get the front end lined back up. My collar bone was hurting like hell so it was off to the E.R. My question is it normal for the forks to spin slightly in the clamps or do you think something else is out of alignment. I just got back home and don't really feel like messing with it right now. (06 YZ 450f)
  5. ranger520

    risers for 06 yz450f

    Does anyone know where I can find some 10mm risers for stock clamps?
  6. ranger520

    Need some help

    Hello board Well first off I would like to say that this is great forum. I'm back on a bike again after about 13 years. Just bought a new 06 yz450f and it is great. My problem is that I just cleaned my air filter re-oiled it and put it back together but it want start.I made sure to squeeze all the excess oil out. The bike ran great before that.
  7. ranger520

    06 yz450f

    Hello board need some advise. I went to fine turn my sag today and noticed the lock nut was extremely tight. I finally got it loose, but during the process the collar that is attached to the spring appears to be loose from the spring. Is this going to be a problem. If so do I have to remove the shock to fix it. When I apply tension to the spring the collar and spring spin properly, but when I reduce the tension a good bit the spring spins without the collar. I'm planning on riding tommorrow. Will it be okay to ride?