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  1. Bound4Dirt

    Where to ride in NC?

    Any place for quads? Trails, etc?
  2. Bound4Dirt

    Where to ride in NC?

    My wife and I are thinking of moving to Cary, NC. Where we live now, the kids can trail ride straight from the drive way! There are dunes, trail rides, and even mountain type riding here. What can we see there in riding in NC? Thanks. Ps. Great site!
  3. Bound4Dirt

    New NC Forestry laws

    I am new to this board. I currently live in California (Talking wife into moving to NC, my realatives have lived in NC since 1800!). My search was to find out if registration was needed for OHV? Here in California, they have red sticker and green. They smog the OHV one-time and that determines what sticker you get. Green, you can ride year around any where, red is limited to certain times of the year (IE; Sept-April). How does NC work? Also, my kids have been riding 250R 3-wheeler since they were nine. Some are 16 now. My 16yr now has a Yamaha Warrior 350 and my 14 has a Yamaha YZ125 dirt bike. They would be pissed to go back to a 90cc! Here where we live, the kids mount up and ride from the drive way 99% of the time. What type of riding is out there (IE; mountain, dunes, trails)? Can someone post or respond to some of my questions? Thanks guys!